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4 Replies to “A moment of cultural enrichment in Holland: Man must wait at open drawbridge (and asks bystanders if they’d like to swim)”

  1. The dutch (it’s in Holland) hardly understand him either, because of his strong north african accent. Just watch the scene and listen to the sound, it tells you all you need to know.

  2. Typical of such black-cube worshipping, inbred, barbaric, savage scum:

    I cycle every day through it and time and again experience a new adventure. Double parked cars in the way, drivers who block an intersection just to have a chat with each other, youngsters hanging around staring at you as if you have invaded their private property.

    Above all, try not to respond when you have nearly been knocked off your bike again: the last time I did it, I was abused by a bystander of barely sixteen years old, who ended his abusive tirade with a message I will not translate here: “Nique ta mère.” [go f*** your mum —translator]. This was a little less serious than last time, when another young Maghreb driver was offended by my behavior: I had the courage to take my right of way. this violated his honor in such way that he apparently could only correct this by spitting straight into my face…

    Therefore above all: keep your mouth shut. Because if you try to explain that 70 km/h is a little too fast in a 30 km/h zone, you are immediately subjected to a confrontation with the honor of a young New Belgian who cannot stand anyone prohibiting him anything and is willing to run you down over it.

    This list of traffic-law violations is just one example of how mahoundians will always do their best to reshape civilized lands into something that resembles the mahound-worshipping open sewers they come from, and the fiend on the video shows clearly that kafir traffic rules, just as any other infidel law, is nothing they’ll ever respect.

  3. Things are getting bad, and the political and social tensions will increase as the various nations economies collapse, I shudder at the future that history says is coming to the entire world.

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