Crisis: Citigroup, 90% chance Greece leaving euro


New study says Italy and Spain likely to be bailed out

26 July, 11:57

(ANSAmed) – MILAN, JULY 26 – Citigroup analysts say there is a 90 percent chance Greece will leave the eurozone in the next 12-18 months. In a new study on the crisis, Blommberg reports, the bank reviewed its previous forecast according to which Athens’ chance of leaving the euro was estimated between 50 and 75 percent.

Citigroup analysts estimated Greece’s exit could occur on January 1, 2013, though stating that is not a forecast of a specific date.

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  1. And the chance of the bailouts working are close to zero, the people who are bailing out the banks in Europe are making the matter worse, by delaying the default they are insuring that the results will hurt more people and destroy more lives. Allowing the banks and nations to fail seems harsh but will harm less people then bailing them out and delaying the crash until many others are in the path of destruction.

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