Ramadan set to cause ‘traffic chaos’ near London’s Olympic site?

According to World News, (Thanks Ted L) the annual muslim festival of skipping lunch and killing people called, ‘Ramadan’, is set to cause major traffic problems in London due to the Olympics and a higher than average mosque attendance.

The traffic concerns are the least of the problems.

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5 Replies to “Ramadan set to cause ‘traffic chaos’ near London’s Olympic site?”

  1. Well, if it’s lying in the road with its butt in the air, then it’s roadkill, I say. We’ve all seen the road signs, ‘beware of cattle’, beware of deer’. What about ‘beware of herds of Muslims’?
    Of course if it’s cattle or deer then drive carefully, we don’t want to hurt dumb animals.
    But, if it’s herds of Muslims, then drive over the bastards! Dumb animals are one thing, but pests, vermin and parasites are another.

  2. From what I am reading this Olympics is going to be a shambles, and if/when the Moslems get a terror attack through killing a lot of spectators or athletes this may wake some people up to the danger.

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