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10 Replies to “An interesting question from Senator Rand Paul”

  1. Here is a 6 minute burst of commonsense from Senator Rand Paul (R – Kentucky) in his commentary on the sneering, injurious duplicity of that nest of vipers commonly known as Pakistan.

    Pakistan is little more than a vicious panhandler that asks you for a dollar and then after you give it to him and start to walk away he runs up behind you and stabs you in the back.

    The very same Pakistan that proudly produces the world’s largest supply of prize winning pimps, perverts, pedophiles and psychopathic “prophets”…….excuse me while I wretch……….in Canada one only has to look to our own little Pakistani viper for an example of how these bastards operate……..our very own little vicious, thin skinned, arrogant, ego maniacal, pompous overly litigious “descendant of the chief pedophile himself, muhammad”……the cartoon cowboy of Calgary, Syed B. Soharwardy……..this little pompous blowhard spied a cartoon depiction of the mass murdering, child molesting, sexually impotent lunatic and went batshit and spent years costing the taxpayer millions to assuage his bruised ego……….

    Sorry…..I digress……

    Anyway, Senator Paul is trying to force a vote to cut off all aid to Pakistan…..that means every cent, not just a reduction, but every single cent.

    Lets hope he’s successful.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. It’s a real shame. In our society, common sense does not prevail. It is sad that someone like Senator Paul clearly representing the taxpayers will not be heard withing the Demon crats lead by a President who is currently selling the USA down the drain. It’s a real shame.

  3. Don I agree muzzies are a waste of space and paki., one of the worse. Still I believe the best way to change this is to attack the liberals much harder.They enable the muzzies. But these liberals are hard to hurt because they have no soul. To make someone listen they need a conscience, know the difference between good and evil. Liberals feel that they are so moraly superior they do not ave to listen to anyone. They only listen when they are hurting, when they have no choice but to listen. They have to be given choices that forces them to listen. Make them legally accountable for their actions in the future. Clinton, Obamma, and family. Make it clear the legal system will go after them when they are out of office. Of course this won’t happen in the US I think because they are all one happy family, the dems and repub., But it could happen in Canada and Europe, I hope so because attacking Islam slows down there spread but takes up alot of resouces. Go after the head, the liberals, and cut it off and the body dies.

  4. hktony

    Islam is a threat no doubt but they are inept at attacking us. Even know they want us eliminated from the face of the earth they have been unable to do it

    Look at it in terms of risk analysis and see Islam for what they have been able to accomplish not for what they could do or will do. People look at crime rates and compare that to what Islam has been able to do not for what they could do or want to do.

    Governments wants certain levels of crime in order to justify their programs and Islam helps fill that bill.

    The left sees the world in black and white terms. People are feed even in this depression, for the most part crime and violence is acceptable. The world is white and they don’t want to rock the boat.

    Whoever knocks the boat over will be the one the left go after and I have said this a number of times when the left sees black just step aside and get out of their way.

  5. Small government is the way forward. Then politicians do not have billions to throw around the world to pander to their prejudice or ego, at our expense.

  6. A good speech but totally unrealistic at this period of history.

    The answer is to wait until all US and NATO forces are out of Afghanistan.

    The only relatively safe route for evacuation is via Karachi, which is bad enough,
    I don’t think the other alternative route to the north would be wise.
    Would you like NATO to cross the same bridge as the Russians when they left

  7. It is a start. Perhaps the tide is turning. Elites always love foreign affairs. They love to sort the world out at other people’s expense and they do not like to be told not to engage in their favourite sport. If people could focus on the money aspect of all this as the senator has done if would start to make sense. The elites always try to get you to focus on spreading multiculturalism, fighting racism, spreading democracy and never like you to look at the figures ie the money that is involved. The money that belongs to the tax payer.

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