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11 Replies to “Toronto Muslim ‘community leader’ threatens western women with rape if they don’t dress they way he wants them do”

  1. The issue shouldn’t be about western women covering up in order not to be raped by one of these Islime perverts. The issue should be that this fuzz faced muzzie retard bastard is asking for his teeth to be kicked in if he doesn’t keep his demanding curry stinking mouth shut.

  2. It’s a good thing that God will forgive all morons including this Muslim preacher – whether he knows it or not. This numnut is certainly not helping his fellow Muslims.

  3. If any white person spoke like that in that fashion then we would be charged or if in another country we would be deported if we lived thru the jail time beforehand.
    Deport this moron and all that follow his ideology

  4. They cannot help themselves. Self control is just not islamic. Killing, raping, stoning, bombing, crying these are islamic ways which do not belong in any western country. He needs to go back to some shit hole and shag a sheep or something.

  5. Because He knows that muslim men have no self control and are really all perverted pigs. They want women to be controlled in all societies but do not want to control themselves. Including their filthy mouthed threats and pig like behaviour. They are all really just a group of filthy psychotic sadistic twits.

  6. Maybe he would change his tune when it happens more often to muslim women. Then maybe then the muslim extremists would not have a leg to stand on in changing anything more in our more free western society. It is not about the dress it is about the easiest targets. Seems to be that the way their species of women are brained washed to be compliant little girls,, they would be very compliant weak victims.

  7. The issue here is that moslems have no right to dictate to us infidels or threaten us infidels women in this manner. No matter what we wear, the moslems would most probably still make most of us infidels feel uncomfortable.

  8. Speaking of paint, One thing I have really wondered when watching them is why they say they are more modest? Have you ever noticed they speak louder (their women) wear more make up (black eye paint) and parade around more arrogantly than most of the Canadian women do? They show off more jewelry and nail paints and more fashionable clothes even with their so called burkas etc… It is like they are trying to get just as much attention from men if not more than the average Canadian woman. I have seen softer speaking, less make up and more of an acceptable dress to myself from Canadian women. Less attention grabbing than all that makeup, perfumes etc… that I have seen them parade around. This is more modest or more attention seeking?

  9. I noted too that many moslem women in asia too do flaunt themselves more with jewelry and makeup, regardless whether they wear head covering or not. I think those moslems, like many asians are more rude, more crude, more attention seeking and not modest in any way.

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