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10 Replies to “Ezra Levant on the Muslim street preacher ‘tellin it like it is’ on the streets of TO.”

  1. I would love it if some sex-crazed, 6ft. 240lb., homosexual, psychopathic, martial-arts expert with a fetish for black men with beards, assaulted this jerk – mugged him, raped him, beat him up, stabbed him and then said ‘well he was asking for it’, he should have shaved that sexy beard off’.
    What would happen then? Who would take the moral high ground? What would the media say? What would Muslims say?

  2. What gives him the right to say that, he is not from Canada he does not follow the Canadian way of life or even lives there to serve the Canadians he is there too install sharia and shitlam thereforedoes not have the democratic right to speak that way

  3. Next time I hear about some poor 80 year old woman being raped in her home by some psychopath, I’ll think to myself, hmmm, dressed provocatively.
    But obviously when you are a lover of theory, the facts don’t matter, all that matters is promoting whatever loony ideology you have a bee in your bonnet about.

  4. This female hasn’t got a leg to stand on.

    She is deficient in intelligence and her witness is worth half of a man’s.

    She blathers about some imaginary Islam that doesn’t exist.

    The street-preacher knows his religion; the woman blathers about some imaginary majority of Muslims that doesn’t exist.

    Which is more dangerous?

  5. Irish I know where you are coming from, I also know enough history to be leery about going down that road, many dictatorships have started with that reasoning. We may be forced down that path but we need to be careful and think hard before we go down it.

  6. This blabbering idiot wants laws. How about a new law that anyone preaching this kind of garbage be immediately investigated on whether or not he is supported by Canadian taxpayers and if so, that he be cut off immediately. Of course it also goes without saying that if he is not yet a Canadian citizen, that he should be immediately deported to a small island in the Pacific (or Atlantic – I’m fair) and forgotten. Now there’s a law I would support.

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