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3 Replies to “Two US tourists kidnapped in Egypt”

  1. Oh no… that’s spoilt my next trip!
    Firstly, I was thinking of strolling through Riyadh city center in the middle of summer, dressed half-naked to get a suntan, with bottles of beer in hand, then a quick flight to Kabul for a game of golf and a bacon sandwich, stop in a hotel for the night, then fly to sunny Tehran, have a look at the beautiful architecture then maybe drop in to see President Ahmedinejad for a spot of lunch and a quick glass of wine, then fly to Mogadishu, check into a hotel, find a nice beach, have a game of volleyball and then check out the local talent. If I found some nice girls, I was going to persuade them to do a little skinny-dipping then back to my hotel room for a few drinks and a bit of jazz on the old stereo.
    My next stop was going to be Egypt, but having read this article, I might give it a miss!

  2. Stupid is as stupid does. Americans thought it was safe because they probably got the news from the very reliable msm.

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