The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Taqyyia, and abrogation. (Sticky post)

This is a post I have been anxious to do since I became aware of the brief, and since I began to understand the issue.

This is the single most important post I have done for some time. So it will be a sticky meaning that it will remain at the top for a while and newer posts will actually appear below it.

It is about an hour and sixteen minutes, and I know that no one has that kind of time. So I am asking you, please, make some coffee, send out for a pizza, whatever you have to do to be able to sit for a while and watch this. It is of critical importance to all peoples and nations who have any illusions of being able to maintain individual liberties, free speech, the right to criticize irrational religious authority, at least islamic authority, and any sense of equality before the law. The OIC based at the UN has made huge strides in its ability to get nations like the USA for example to try and do an end-run around its own 1st amendment rights and create programs to humiliate and shame US citizens who dare speak out against Islamic atrocities and retrograde beliefs.

This really is an important document. This brief was given to key people within the US admin but various Obama appointees made sure that it was no longer available. So some really excellent people in the US of A arranged to have it brought to you directly since it was no longer able to get where it was designed to go.

Please also spread this link as far and wide as you can. This one counts.

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  1. The reason why the USA gives in on this nonsense, is because Muslims blackmail them with the Holocaust laws in Europe. Jews should understand that the Holocaust works more in favor of Multi-Culturalism, and therefore Anti-Semitic Islam, than in favor of Zionism and Israel. Therefore, Judeo-Christian Conservatives should boldly declare that abortion is far worse than the Holocaust. By not attacking abortion clinics in the West, Muslims have forfeited all rights to complain about “immorality”.

  2. This should be a mandatory lecture in all our universities and colleges. Of course it won’t happen for obvious reasons. Too bad. It is at our peril.

  3. RamJet:

    This most certainly should be, and you are right, no it won’t.

    The world no longer has leaders. It has socialist administrators who want to be liked as well as create utopia at the expense of all things individualistic. This war, if it is to be fought, will have to be fought by we basic free and simple men and women taking back the things we have relinquished to the administrators.

    Education is one of them. We need to find this material, learn it, and teach it ourselves. We need to see people generally recognizing that the official narrative which is causing mass suicide of Western freedoms and culture has to be ignored and that Islam and leftism is what we know it is.

    This can be achieved. But it means all of us have to take back some responsibility for the future. It means we each have to get people to watch this video and discuss it with others. To risk looking bad in the short term. To risk, ‘not being liked’

    There will be more of these.

  4. Ramjet you are right, Eeyore so are you.

    This man should be in charge of all police, intelligence and military training about Islam, of course CAIR and other front groups would scream bloody murder and the left would work to stop him from teaching anyone anywhere.

  5. An excellent video, but unfortunately not many people will have the patience to sit through it. Nonetheless, I will cross post it on Sunday following on from a piece on the Brussels Process.

  6. Maj. Coughlin gave thier brief in person many many times to highly influential people in the US military etc. It was a member of Obama’s admin, a certain Mr. Islam, who terminated his services. This is the first time this brief has been put on video.

    It was time, certain people felt, that this information was brought straight to the pubic.

    Now the question is, what shall we do, now that we know.

    Check this site from time to time.

  7. I had to stop at 15 minutes because my blood pressure was going bezurk. It is unbelievable. We are in deep shit. I will continue tomorrow. I have to let it sink in.

  8. Its a shame that the people in power stop this sort of info that we need to know makes me wonder what is their motivation for this action

  9. Obama and friends are guilty of serious crimes against the United States. I seriously hope that this President is put on trial for treason against the very nation that he was elected to serve. This is serious stuff.
    Obama is effectively complicit in the actions of the OIC. He deserves to be brought to justice. This man is an imposter, traitor and an enemy of freedom, justice and federal law. He should never have entered the White House as he did not provide the correct documents at the time and therefore could not prove that he had the right credentials, nor fulfill the required criteria for the job.
    Obama must be removed from office immediately!

  10. Bob you aren’t the only one, and Obama isn’t the only member of his administration that needs to go to prison.

    rightnproud Canada is affected by the Moslems using the same tactics up there, they are out to conquer the world and are making a good start at disarming the West.

  11. I didn’t know who CSP was so I looked it up at the left wing site Wikipedia:

    “The Center for Security Policy (CSP) advocates neoconservative and policies ”

    I didn’t know what a “neoconservative” was so i looked again at Wikipedia it says:

    “Late 1930s – 1950s: Neoconservative Philosophy Grows from Communist Intellectuals’ Disenchantment with Soviet Ideology…. The neoconservatives will drive themselves even farther right during the social upheaval of the 1960s”

    So according to Wikipeida the far right group of neoconservatives are a farther right of Communism.

    “Neo” just sounds right wing villainous doesn’t it? Why does the left think it is ok to define groups in such slander’s ways?

  12. Thank you for the link. I watched the entire video: I can definitely say now that this administration and the people operating it are traitors. Period. Obama is a Muslim. Clinton is a traitorous dhimmi: she is Quisling is a pantsuit.

  13. This is an excellent video and well worth the time spent watching it. It should be distributed far & wide and hopefully everyone here will do their part.

    The USA and most probably all of the West is obviously in the hands of traitors. If they heard this presentation then the “elites” know exactly what they are doing and if they tried to suppress this information they are twice as guilty. I lay the blame for the advance of islam squarely at the feet of the man who has tried to take away our right to identify the enemy-Barrack Hussein Obama, if in fact that is his real name.

    It’s up to us now. We will have to have the courage to resist the “peer pressure” and “shaming” and continue to spread the truth about islam, and about our governments’ attempts to silence us. If we don’t then we will have lost our freedoms forever. I am NOT willing to give up my freedoms so lightly nor am I willing to allow these traitors to submit our countries to islam. Game on.

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