Que. woman charged with terrorism for allegedly exporting gun parts: RCMP

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RCMP (QMI Agency/handout)

MONTREAL – A Quebec woman was charged Friday with aiding what the Canadian government considers a terrorist group by allegedly trying to smuggle gun parts to Lebanon in 2011.

The RCMP told QMI Agency that Mouna Diab, 26, was allegedly working with a contact in Lebanon associated with Hezbollah, a political party and militant group that is on Canada’s official list of terrorist organizations.

Diab used to be an activist and travelled to small-town Quebec in 2007 to try to dispel negative stereotypes about Muslims.

She was originally arrested in May 2011 at Montreal’s main airport. Police said she was caught on her way to Lebanon with parts of AR-15 semi-automatic rifles in her luggage.

She was charged in 2011 with contravening Section 3 of Canada’s Regulations Implementing the United Nations Resolution on Lebanon: “No person in Canada and Canadian outside Canada shall knowingly export, sell, supply or ship directly or indirectly, arms and related material, wherever situated, to any person in Lebanon.”

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  1. Once again the Moslems prove they are not to be trusted, you have to watch all of them because the moderates can be radicalized by reading the Koran.

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