RCMP gets ‘Obama disease’. Refuses to use terms Islam or Muslim when busting Islamic Muslim terrorists

I posted this very late last night after an unusually trying day. I wanted to write something about it but just didn’t have the juice then. I would like to add now, that an explanation for why law-enforcement agencies in Canada and the US are suffering from this highly specific form of acute myopia, might be available quite soon. I have it on solid authority that an interesting brief from someone who has done thorough academic research on exactly this topic should be made available to the public for the first time and I hope, soon. It is not that far off of this SUN host’s analysis actually. But there are other factors in play as I understand it.

One can begin by looking carefully at the Cairo declaration of Islamic human rights as specified by the OIC, and then carefully searching OIC official material in English to see what exactly they mean by terms they use, that clearly mean one thing to us, and something quite different to them.

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7 Replies to “RCMP gets ‘Obama disease’. Refuses to use terms Islam or Muslim when busting Islamic Muslim terrorists”

  1. I would prefer to call it the ‘British Disease’. We have turned it into a fine art. Try a few of these classics and their actual meanings, although I am not so sure that all of them originated here…

    Religion of Peace – Theocratic political system built upon and sustained by the principle of ‘Slavery or Death’.

    Asian – Muslim, particularly one originating from the North end of the Indian sub-continent.

    Enrichment – Either a plethora of Curry Houses or Genocide depending upon one’s perspective and immediate biome.

    Sharia Law/Court/Judge – Institutionalised implementation of Homophobia and Gender Slavery.

    Moderate Muslim – Muslim either not necessarily physically waging Jihad at the moment, or who has not been caught at it.

    Misunderstander of Islam – Understander of Islam

    Honour killing – Infanticide

    Multiculturalism – Self-ghettoisation and retrogression to the Islamic norms.

    Islamophobia – Rationalism.

    Asylum Seeker – Parasite (economic and/or ideological).

    Fascist – no longer referring to a ‘National Socialist’ but now a neologism used to demonise someone who does not wish to be enriched.

    Human Rights – Legal mechanism by means of which prey are prevented from dealing effectively with their predators.

    Grooming Gang – Collection of ‘Enrichers’ engaged in the serial rape of Kuffar children.

    Racist – Anyone who prefers one or more of the actual definitions. Generally a Kuffar.

    Kuffar – Rationalist still (mostly) in possession of his or her own mind.

    …and, I suspect, many, many more.

  2. The RCMP have spent well over two decades destroying what several generations of law enforcement officers spent almost 100 years building.

    They have destroyed a once proud police force with an international reputation for excellence, professionalism and the pursuit of justice and degraded it into a self serving, arrogant, murderous, duplicitous, unaccountable septic tank of criminality, corruption and incompetence.

    Now officers are largely concerned with taking off their trousers and asking female co-officers to play with their penises (Sgt Don Ray) or engaging in murder (Cpl Benjamin Robinson) or brutally and savagely assaulting a man who was kneeling with his hands up in a position of surrender (Cst Mantler) or they can be found haunting chat-rooms and websites for the sexually deviant where they bind women and then hold knives to their throats and then cut the women making them bleed (Cpl Jim Brown). The activities of Cpl Jim Brown were brought to the attention of his superiors who ignored the complaints saying that what Brown did on his own time was no concern of the RCMP.

    The list of criminality is endless and gives credence to the argument that the RCMP feel the best way to enforce the law in Canada is through an experiential process whereby, cover to cover, they break every law in the Criminal Code of Canada….the once vaunted RCMP Musical Ride has now become a sick joke.

    Now we face this utter horseshit.

    I have long argued that many of the law enforcement agencies in Canada can no longer be trusted owing to not only the infiltration of their ranks by muslims but also by the cancerous advances of Leftist ideology and its fondness for the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood. Imagine now, how easy it is for political dissidents and bloggers to be tracked and identified when they have the vast resources of the military and law enforcement at their finger tips. This alarming trend came to the attention of Rep Rick Womick of Tennessee who has demanded the expulsion of all muslims from the military. Sage advice considering the actions of many muslims like Major Nidal Hassan who slaughtered 13 people at Ft. Hood……including a pregnant woman.

    This reminds me of those who have faced the creeping advances of government and corporations into our daily and private lives asking for greater and greater access to our personal information. Many people have responded to cries of foul by saying “why object to these intrusions…only the criminal and the guilty who have something to hide would object”……well now the writing is on the wall and its as clear as day. Now the RCMP are skipping along the avenue of Islamo-facism hand in hand with the likes of Omar Khadr and Mohammed Morsi.

    Finally, if you want to find a doughnut shop or get directions to the local Sadomasochism Parlor…..call the RCMP……if, however, you are concerned about a group of muslims, a particular mosque or other suspicious events relating to national security or a potential terrorist threat such as a bombing or persons casing large industrial sites…DO NOT CALL THE RCMP……REPEAT DO NOT CALL THE RCMP……..YOUR CALL WILL BE IGNORED AND YOUR INFORMATION WILL BE “LOST”…………instead, please write it down and contact the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service and for good measure send a copy along to the Federal Minister of Public Safety……..BUT DO NOT CALL THE RCMP.

    As for regional Canadian police services the example of London, Ontario and their sanitizing of officer training manuals goes back a few years. More and more…..police forces can not be trusted to call muslim/islam terrorism and destruction what it is.

    In closing, truer words were never spoken, “the RCMP is horribly broken”. The RCMP is a shadow of its former self. The days of Sam Steele are long since gone and were Superintendent Steele alive today he would turn away in disgust at the malignant farce his beloved police force has become ‘neath the stewardship of Knecht, Souccar, Zaccardelli and others.

    As our national police force (RCMP) your reputation for criminality, murder, zeal, incompetence, corruption and stupidity is well deserved; it is a reputation you have unceasingly and diligently cultivated for over 2 decades. You are an international disgrace to Canada and a national embarrassment to Canadians. You, as we are, should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. Not just the Mounties Don, the FBI has stopped teaching the dangers of Islam because of complaints by CAIR, and the Moslems are suppose to be enlisting in the US Army to get combat training. Here is the URL to an article about how some of the friendly fire incidents in the US Army are really Moslems murdering their fellow soldiers.


    The West is in trouble, we will still win in the long run, but I don’t know if civilization will survive.

  4. Excellent post, Don.

    And yes Richard, it seems all policing forces, everywhere have been infected by the deadly disease of cultural marxism. What’s the solution, other than the rest of us standing up and continually spouting the facts?

  5. When*Pigs*Fly there are only two choices, continue to stand up and spout the truth while getting people to sue, or try and start a rebellion. The latter is a good way to end up either in the pen or dead.

  6. Thanks WPF…..but it was easy…writing that relates to the truth flows quickly…

    For the full article I wrote on the RCMP called “Of Mounties and Murder”…your can see it here:


    I am now working on an update that is relevant to the appointment of Comm. Paulson, the Sgt Don Ray incident and now the sickness of Cpl Jim Brown……the tentative title is “PAULSON’S POSSE RIDES AGAIN”…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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