Muslim tribesmen kill Nigerian politicians during funeral


(AGI) Lagos – Shepherds belonging to the Fulani tribe, who are Muslim, have killed a federal senator and local MP, both Christians and both from the Biron tribe in Plateau State. The two politicians were taking part in a large funeral for victims of another attack, carried out by Fulanis, when the attack took place. “Senator Gyang Dantong and the leader of the local assembly, Gyang Fulani, were attacked and killed by Fulani shepherds” said spokesman for Palteau State government, Pam Ayuba. Plateau is in the middle of Nigeria that divides the Muslim north from the Christian south. . .

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  1. The Fulanis practice extreme forms of FGM. The Fulanis have raided West-Africa for centuries. Usuman dan Fodio subjugated the Haussa and imposed a radical form of Islam there.

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