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8 Replies to “Frank Gaffney and Geert Wilders in the US. This is great watching.”

  1. Very well spoken.

    Would like to see people clarify what Islam is:
    Islam requires a theocracy.

    Calling Sharia totalitarian isn’t enough communism was totalitarian but the left accepts communism in all it’s brutality. But the left is deathly afraid of religion.

  2. Can anyone tell me how many Americans are still in sound sleep? They probably will never wake up and most likely pass away in their sleep under Shariah. What a way to go !

  3. That is the kind of FREE SPEECH that I love. It made me think of the Oaths we take, when you promise god to protect your family, country and freedom and how those Oaths were and still are so important.
    The motto of my wesite is “LIVE FREE OR DIE” (thankyou Mark Steyn). I reckon that means stand up for your freedom or become enslaved.
    Thankyou for posting this material, ispirational stuff.

  4. History will record Frank G. and Geert W. as men who recognized the threat from Islam and had the courage to stand up and tell the world in the face of enormous obstacles including threats against their lives.

  5. Now, Romney must listen to both speeches. The next U.S. President must be fully aware of the dangers of Islam, muslim infiltration and their agenda.

    May God guide Americans in November.

  6. Please read “Marked For Death” by Geert Wilders. A most powerful book on the modern(and not so modern)Jihad facing the West. Best nonfiction I have ever read.
    Throughout the world, Jihad continues without news coverage due (I strongly suspect)by both Saudi money and influence in the Media and, more importantly, the same effect in Western politics. To break this suicidal trajectory, public awareness needs to be raised as voting results can mitigate much of foreign “investment” in domestic politics.

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