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8 Replies to “18 year old Australian engineering student makes levitating light with WIRELESS POWER supply”

  1. Don’t let the Muzz find out, they’ll claim that this science is already in the Koran, and don’t let Obama find out or he’ll claim that this is a Muslim invention and include it at his next propagandist science convention!

  2. The clue is that he just has to put the “device” in a dark box before it will mysteriously “levitate”. It couldn’t just levitate where it was could it, then we’d all be able to see it doing it. The light bulb comes on afterwards.
    Stupid trick, means nothing.
    Next they’ll be claiming some guy has a artificial wing that can make him fly, who’d be dumb enough to believe that??

  3. Yes I fell for the wing thing. I confess. I was so excited about the possibility that I bit on that one. We do live in an age of miracles and wonders you know.

    But this article is from Gizmag. It is a pretty reliable source.

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