Anti-Israel Activist Lies About Being Jewish and Her Mother’s Time at Auschwitz

Anecdotally, I can attest that a lot of anti-Israel ‘Jewish’ groups are populated mostly by non-Jews. I suspect this because people I know who are not Jewish were assumed to be leftists because of their profession in the arts, were invited to join despite being non-Jewish.

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July 4, 2012 10:43 am 11 comments

Irena Wachendorrf. Photo: IsraelFrontline

Irena Wachendorff, an anti-Israel activist who has referred to pro-Israel activists as “the neo-Nazi troop among the Jews”, fabricated her Jewish roots and service in the IDF, and lied about her mother being imprisoned at Auschwitz.

The Jerusalem Post and investigative journalist Jennifer Pyka uncovered numerous lies that Wachendorff purported, including her father being Jewish and her time in the Israel Defense Forces.

“I said I was in the IDF,” but “it was a lie,” she told the Post.  Wachendorff, a German poet and activist, has worked with Germany’s Christian Democratic Union party in the Bundestag to promote an anti-Semitic and anti-israel agenda.

Wachendorff also claimed her father was Jewish, however it’s been uncovered that he served in the armed forces of Nazi Germany.

The situation is “perverse and brazen that Wachendorff presents herself as a Jew and the daughter of Holocaust survivors and engages in  work in schools about anti-Semitism and Jewish life in the Third Reich,” according to Pyka.

Henryk M. Broder, a German-Jewish author and expert on modern anti-Semitism, told the Post that this incident is symbolic of something much larger than one person pretending to be Jewish.

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12 Replies to “Anti-Israel Activist Lies About Being Jewish and Her Mother’s Time at Auschwitz”

  1. Just because her father served during the second world war under a Nazi flag doesn’t mean he can’t be Jewish – he could have changed his papers or his commanding officer just didn’t care.

    The truth is this woman is not considered Jewish by her fellow Jews because fundamentalist Jews don’t consider someone of “mixed” lineage Jewish unless there mother was Jewish.

    Most nation states on the other hand do not recognize Jewish religious rules as true or valid – so she is Jewish if she want’s to be Jewish, even if she has never visited a synagogue in her life, as long a she wants to be Jewish, she is Jewish.

    If i wanted to be Jewish, even though no ancestor of mine is Jewish and i have not further Jewish acquaintances – i am Jewish, period. That’s how every western state outside of Israel works and that is the only logic i will accept.

  2. Bobbejane,

    you are not Jewish because you wanna be.

    No rabbi will bury you and you will not be able to make Aliya.

    Which Jewish group would accept you?

    Living in a garage doesn’t make you a car.

  3. @Sheik

    Are you Jewish by any reason? I ask this because you are applying Jewish religious logic to someone who is not a Jew.

    It doesn’t matter that a rabbi will not bury me, that Israel doesn’t allow me to return , that no Jewish group will accept me or that you make a bad metaphor.

    By the law of most nation states i can be part of any religion i want and call myself a Jew, or for that matter call myself a member of any religion group without actually being a part of that group or practicing any of its tenets and to the law i would be a member of that group just as much as an orthodox, beard and capula wearing Jew.

    Why? Because to westerners, spirituality is a personal choice made through an act of freewill, not something a community can decide for me, nor something that is in my heart. The choice matters, not the community and not the heart.

  4. Bobbejane nopenopenopenopenopenopenopenope. You can’t just call yourself jewish and be jewish. Anyone who knows anything about judaism, as this lying nazi spawn claims to, would know if she actually knew anything about judaism.

    Just like that 40 year old radical leftist who wrote the fake blog claiming to be a pro palestinian lesbian, this Nazi bitch is lying about being jewish because it will help to destroy a jewish state.

    While one can say one identifies as jewish, or follow the jewish “path”. You can’t just BE jewish because you say so. Your made up rules don’t apply here or anywhere else.

    And ya know what, if she really identified as jewish she would know a smidgen about their history and wouldn’t be trying to destroy one of the few countries left where Jews can protect themselves from muslims and genocidal antisemitic leftists like her.

    And no this is not about Israel. As we saw with the frenzy of muslim attacks upon jews in Europe directly inspired by the attacks of the Butcher of Toulouse, as soon as Israel fell, the muslim filth of Europe, would NOT all of a sudden become nice to jews. Emboldened by the destruction if Israel, they would set upon the jews there with any weapon they have to hand to drive them from Europe too.

    The poisenous rhetoric would change overnight from being about Israel and Palestine to Jews and “international banking”.

  5. @Truthiocity

    I am not a Jew – I am a deist: I am what i profess to be, not what other think i am, not whats in my heart and not how i act.

    That means that a crazy, leftist woman with a Nazi father can be a Jew if she wants to and she is just as much a Jew as any self-professing Jew on this planet.

    Choice matters – not the believes of a primitive bronze age cult, or medieval sect.

    Free will, the will to choose matters – out there, there is someone who calls himself a deist and a humanist and he is also a pedophile – he is just as much a deist and a humanist as i am, even though he is a pedophile, because he chooses by his own free will to be a deist and a humanist.

    There is absolutely no reason to belief that this woman is not a Jew when she openly professes to be one – she wants to be one, she is one – desire and will. Period.

  6. Bobbejane:

    I suspect you may be missing the central issue.

    It isn’t that she claims to be a Jew and therefore is one.

    It is that she claimed to be a Jew by heritage from a Jewish father and mother, the mother she claimed was killed in the Holocaust.

    The facts are that her father was in fact, a Nazi who fought for the Nazis in WW2 and her mother was not killed in the Holocaust. In other words, her claim to Judaism is an artifice to add street cred, as it were, to her anti-Israel and anti-semitic activities.

    I agree with you that, to some degree at least, if a short Jewish kid feels that he is inside, a tall black kid (thank you South Park for this one) then I suppose he sort of is one in a politically correct way. But if that short Jewish kid claims to be a Black kid who’s grandfather was a slave on a plantation and mother was raped to death by the plantation owner and also a slave, and the truth was, the grandfather was the plantation owner and all the activities of this kid was legitimizing black emancipation well, it kinda changes the complexion of the thing a bit.

  7. @Eeyore

    I am debating the central issue – the central issue revolves around Jewish identity, which Jews believe is upheld by a community of followers and which i belief is a personal choice.

    The article headline literally says:

    Anti-Israel Activist Lies About Being Jewish and Her Mother’s Time at Auschwitz.

    No, she doesn’t lie about being Jewish, because being Jewish is a choice and not upheld by a community or a judge.


    The situation is “perverse and brazen that Wachendorff presents herself as a Jew and the daughter of Holocaust survivors

    It’s not just that she LIES that makes it perverse, but that she calls herself a Jew that makes it perverse – why is calling yourself a Jew perverse? Because only people who have a parental connection to other Jews can be called a Jew by Jewish law.

    I would agree with the article if it said she is perverse because she lies about her parents and her own past, but there is nothing perverse in calling yourself Jewish.

    This all boils down to the most simple truth – Jews are not an ethnic group, they are several ethnic groups like the Ashkenazim and Mizrahim and some like the Indian and Ethiopian Jews – this makes Judaism a religion and a faith.

    I can choose to become part of a faith, simply by proclaiming myself to be part of that faith, on the other hand family or heritage by it’s very name does not allow me to become part of it’s group without intermarriage or a genealogical background.

    I am Dutch by heritage and Catholic-Reformed by heritage, i am a humanist-deist by faith.

    This woman is German by heritage, (i assume) Christian by heritage, but Jewish by faith.

    Somewhere there is someone who is Polish by heritage, Ashkenazim by heritage and a Christian by faith.

    The article can only proclaim that she lied about her heritage, not her faith.

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