Norway: Now the government will expel somalis by force

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From VG.No

Forced return: Earlier, iraqi citizens have been returned by force from Norway. Now, the government opens the same option for somali nationals. This image shows a forced return trip to Bagdad in june 2009.

In deepest secrecy, the government has prepared a return accord with Somalia.

It means that asylum seekers from Mogadishu and other southern somali regions can be sent back by force.

Somalis are the biggest group of asylum seekers to Norway. All in all, 1422 asylum seekers from Somalia came to Norway in 2011.

Last week, hidden meetings were held among state secretary Pål Lønseth (Ap) [socialdemocrates] and Somalia’s home minister, Abdisamad Mo’allin Mohamud.

VG Nett [this paper] knew before about the meeting but chose, for reasons of security, to wait with publishing the information until the minister had left the country.

The visit’s objective was, seen from the government’s part, to start working on a return acoord with Somalia. This happens after all winter long there has been raging a debate on the government’s asylum policy, among other things about forced returns to Ethiopia.


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7 Replies to “Norway: Now the government will expel somalis by force”

  1. Finally, the government is understanding things. The reason for this is that now Muslim immigrants are becoming more dangerous to the Elite than the local populace.

  2. I don’t care who had what to do with it. I just hope the UK Government takes note and returns a few hundred thousand of our illegals and asylum seekers (esp. Somalis). This should cause a plummet in the violent crime rates and us Brits can have a bit of breathing space again.

  3. So what if Anders Breivik had someting to do with this. While I don’t condone this, there are many morons that are too afraid to even speak out about this stupidity of political correctness/ cultural marxism, with these bloody liberals telling everyone that it was wonderful to have impovirhsed Africans roaming the streets of Europe with nothing to do, because um… brings variety of food or something…..whatever reason to sell the madness.

    Accross Europe we need to seriously start the process of deportastion and repatriation. It is something that needs to become part of our vocabulary.

  4. I am thinking that all the talk about multi-culturalism is taqiyya. The Elite may be evil, but it isn’t stupid. The most intelligent Jews understand that Islam is far more dangerous to them than the National-Socialists ever were. I am part Jewish, and understand the Muslim threat far better than many blond, blue eyed Europeans.

  5. Not a hope in hell’s chance of that Catherine, we have a pro muzzie anti white dhimmi government in power. They’re so dim that they actually trust muzzies and make deals with them. It’s a case of if it’s white it’s sh**te and if it’s black it’s oil.

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