Discrediting discrimination

The one thing I disagree with, or perhaps more accurately, would express differently than Mr. Robson who I very much admire, is there is an impression he gives that Canada is such a great place almost as a kind of accident of geography. Of course it is a great place because of the culture of the people who have been dominant here for centuries. What makes a nation a wonderful healthful place or not, has nothing to do with longitude and latitude. It is about the values of the people and the government. More so even than the system of government as people are starting to realize due to changes in Egypt, where a military rule can in fact be much better for human rights than say, oh an Islamic theocracy which it now has, even if the new president hasn’t admitted it out loud since his election.

Back in the day, we used to refer to astonishingly stupid people as “unable to tell the difference between shit and shineola” This of course meant he did not have the most basic ability to discriminate and couldn’t tell excrement from shoe polish. This is what the new left wants for us. So that we can polish our shoes with excrement and feel morally superior doing so even while holding our noses. If allowed to even do that of course.

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  1. Mr. Robson who I very much admire, is there is an impression he gives that Canada is such a great place almost as a kind of accident of geography.

    I see quite a lot of charities that try to make you feel guilty. One I saw recently stated that the West has 87% of the telephones in the world.

    This gives the impression that in year dot, there was a pile of telephones in a pile. The Whites got to the pile first, and stole 87% of the lot, including all the best ones. By the same reasoning, Canada, New Zealand other Western countries just happen to have occupied all the best places in the world, where there was clean air, water, great roads, motorways, health care etc., leaving the bad places for poor Africans.

    By giving such impressions we foster the belief among Arabs, Africans etal that we stole it all from them, and they have a right to come to the West and demand that they be given what is theirs by right. This resentment then justifies violence against Whites. We see this in the ongoing Intifida in the US by Blacks against Whites.

  2. Well, they do argue that Canada was taken from non-Whites. We should understand that the Golden Rule and other Egalitarianism is only applied to Whites. This isn’t surprising as these ideas are taken from the very same Judeo-Christianity that dominates the West. In a way, Leftists use Judeo-Christianity against Judeo-Christianity.
    But let’s not digress. Immigration and Islam are not necessarily related. Importing African and Asian Christians could be very useful against Islamization.

  3. Most everything about charity has been tainted with the ‘guilt message’ over the past decade or so. Those who don’t give to charity are somehow guilty of all sorts of sins in the eyes of the righteous elites of our society. I resolved that a few years ago by making a list of 6 charities I would give to and the amount for each on a yearly basis. When I find out that for example, the chairman of a certain charity is excessively paid for the job he/she does, the charity is removed from my list and a new charity is found. No guilt trip here. The Federal Government is trying to do the same thing in my view, with the refugees. Good on them to look after the Canadian’s well being.

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