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3 Replies to “Michael Coren: History of Egypt, Islam in Egypt and who exactly the Muslim Brotherhood are.”

  1. A video posted here at VT in 2009 reveals who the real historic Egyptians are. The entire video lecture and the transcript of this event can be found here.

    The meat (so to speak) of this clip is found in this portion of the transcript:

    The word “Copts” doesn’t ring a big bell for many ears. Sometimes [people here] don’t know what are Copts, who are they, and why they are called Copts. That’s why I felt that it is worth it to start by explaining why we are called Copts and the explanation might tell you a little bit of the dilemma we have.
    Egypt has been always Aigyptos and everybody knew Egypt as Aigyptos. In the 7th Century there was a shift in the name and the country. When the Arabs came to Egypt, or, rather, invaded Egypt, they could not pronounce Aigyptos because of the linguistic differences. They pronounced it Gypt; so they took away the “Ai” and the “os.” So Aigyptos became Gypt, and, when they wrote it, they wrote it with a “Ka” so it became “Copt.” The whole country was that of the Copts.
    But gradually, for various reasons, whether because of taxation or pressure of some kind, or ambitions in dealing with the leaders or the governors of the country, some people converted. Those who converted were no longer Copts. They became something else, and those who remained Christians were the ones who were called “the Copts.”

  2. I think the jinn is finally out of the bottle!

    The muslim-brotherhood has now become too powerful to play the taqiyya-game.
    They want the global caliphate real bad and that is what will break their neck in end.

    The egyptian military will probaly try to cut them of from power soon, but will fail because of their massive support in the population. Next somekind of cataclysm in the region, war with Israel, Turkey perhaps joining the fray, etc. etc.

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