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10 Replies to “More U.N. lunacy”

  1. @Columnist

    You like Alex Jones – did you know he is actually my son-in-law and that he and i go fishing on lake Takasahoia.

    I am telling you, one time Alex and i caught a carp that was so big that the lady at local diner said that she didn’t see such a big fish since she was six and her father caught the legendary cracy bill, a giant sturgeon.

  2. Considering the following quotes, this is a very revealing report. :

    “We recognize the central role of the United Nations in advancing the sustainable development agenda. We are committed to strengthening the role of the United Nations Environment Programme as the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda.

    2.>@3:17 environmentalist, Tim Flannery:

    “The negotiations now ongoing towards the Copenhagen agreement are in effect diplomacy at the most profound global level. They deal with every aspect of our life and will influence every aspect of our life, our economy, our society, our relationship with the developing world, our relationship with the environment as well.”


    This document that sees Canada and every country that signs it declaring the United Nations has real power on sustainable development around the world. And as the document makes clear, there is no part of human activity that sustainable development does not touch on.” [ff approx. 4:20]


    “. . .climate policy is redistributing the world’s wealth.” – Ottmar Edenhofer @ 3:57

    If one understands the UN now operates like a puppet for OIC, consider those highlight phrases above. Look familiar?
    Question 1: What other structured social system is all encompassing touching on every part of human activity? Answer: Islam
    Question 2: Identify another recent example of the wholesale transfer of global wealth (aka redistribution). Answer: As Hugh Fitzgerald at JihadWatch.org often stated. . .

    ” in Islam, it is hard for Muslims to see the failures of their own societies – political, economic, social, intellectual, and moral – not least because the vast oil wealth, that is unearned, that comes from an accident of geology, has given the Muslim oil states more than twelve trillion dollars since 1973 alone, which represents the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. And many Muslim states, such as Pakistan, and Afghanistan, and Egypt, and Jordan, and of course the “Palestinian” Authority, have been receiving money not from oil wells, but aid, endless aid, running into the tens and hundreds of billions of dollars, from Infidel lands. And while the Muslim recipients receive that aid as their due, the non-Muslim donors have come to give that aid uninterruptedly, for fear that if they stop, or cut the aid, the Muslim recipients will get angry. In other words, the aid from Infidels has, on both sides, turned into a kind of Jizyah, a tax that must be paid lest the Muslim masters punish the Infidels who are not obeying the laws that govern dhimmis.”

    Consider this a dare. . .take a close look at your own local community and tally up the number of new mosques/Islamic community centers/Islamic organizations that have popped up since 9/11/2001.
    Consider too The Kinetic Effects of Prayer in Islam.

    Then sit back and review a few articles posted at http://www.refugeeresettlementwatch.worpress.com to come to grips with the abusive NGO strategies enabling millions of Muslims to resettle in the non-Muslim West, some as your new neighbors, arriving as ‘refugees’, often without documentation, fleeing wars and social disturbances and ethnic cleansing of non-Muslim residents caused by encroachment of sharia enforcement.
    This redistribution of Allah’s soldiers is no accident as it reflects their profit’s prophet’s [“uswa hasana al insan al kamil”, the perfect example of man to be emulated for all time until all worship is for allah] and his hijra [aka ‘migration from Mecca’, a pattern that would be mirrored for all time by Muslim invaders].
    End result . . . the UN has become the vehicle for the “Diplomacy of Global Dhimmitude” retrieving Global “Jizyah” redistribution of wealth as demanded under sharia.

  3. Muslims should give all the money back, and give us the oil for free. Else they will burn in hell. The proof of this is the civil war in Syria. If they don’t listen, other forms of civil war will erupt in the Muslim world.
    Oil is no longer necessary for functioning of Western society, as is proven at http://www.keshefoundation.org, but they should be punished for their insolence. The demography of Iran is skewed. Too little children, too many elderly. And Islam forbids euthanasia. Only giving up Islam, and converting to my religion will save Iran. The leaders of Iran don’t believe in Allah anyway, or they wouldn’t fear Israeli nukes. They will burn in hell if they don’t convert to my religion.
    The same holds true for the UN. If they want population reduction, they should embrace my religion, as my religion allows for euthanasia in many cases.

  4. @Colomnist

    What is your religion – does it have a name, precepts, laws or teachings, what does it teach about God and the afterlife, or about becoming enlightened?

    Why will Muslims burn in hell if they don’t give back all the money we gave them in exchange for oil.

    How can they return all of the money when a lot of it is invested in real estate or has been slowly moving abroad.

    If the west no longer needs oil – then where do you expect we get all the money to change all our cars and power plants?

    But you do make a good point: If they truly belief in Allah – they would not fear nukes, because Allah would save them.

    The problem is that some of them do not fear nukes, and if enough of these radicals would get enough power in Iran, it would not matter what the population believed.

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