No moslems at anti-sharia march

Translated by Michael Laudahn from:

GVA in Belgium

Although many moslems in our country are against Sharia4Belgium, they did not participate in the anti-sharia march on sunday.

Consequently, organiser Mischaël Modrikamen, Parti Populaire (PP), was disappointed that the moslems have not used the demonstration, in order to publicly condemn Sharia4Belgium’s actions. ‘But apparently, press from the moslem world is still too big, so it isn’t being accepted to publicly show flag’, he said.

The organisers appealed to the belgian government to act more resolutely, to prohibit Sharia4Belgium as soon as possible, and to strip people of foreign origin appealing to hatred of their belgian nationality and expel them. With this allusion, they pointed at Fouad Belkacem.

The fact that some forty members of the extreme right-wing Nation movement joined the demonstrators was not desired by the organisers. ‘They still knew that they were not welcome’, he said. However, there were no incidents at all.

At the same time, a counter-demonstration made up by mostly francophone socialist and christian-democratic youngsters started on Polaertplein, near Brussels’ justice palace. At a given moment, a group of leftist youngsters left the demonstration, in order to take the metro and look for confrontation with the extreme right-wing Nation’s members.

Police where able to prevent them from having success. In the Troon metro station, riots erupted (photo at top). Officers used clubs, and several demonstrators having attacked the forces of law and order, received some severe blows.



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12 Replies to “No moslems at anti-sharia march”

  1. ‘Although many moslems in our country are against Sharia4Belgium,… ‘, blah, blah, blah, blah, b@ll@cks. Same as in the UK, even the journos who like think they are putting up some kind of typism-fight, almost all snobs that slander the EDL and anyone of real practical can’t-afford-fancy-lawyers courage. UK class-warfare trash.

  2. I’d like to know where “World Religious Leaders” like the Pope,and the Dali-Lama stand on these muzzie claimes to well being and Principles???? how come world Leaders don’t stand up and say,…”Ho!!…wait a Minute here,this is WRONG,!! come Christian Church Leaders don’t stand up and Object??????? if you can convince the Masses that your way is the only way,then where are you when the “following”are getting it Tight from another way of thinking.????? come ahead Church goers,answer please.!!

  3. The last time the Pope said anything hundreds of people were killed. He keeps his mouth shut after that.
    The Dalai Lama refuses to day anything with in reality about Islam

    Here is a very good quote when Islam wasn’t politically correct:
    “The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.”
    — Winston Churchill


    Remove those spectacles at once! You may be short-sighted but Lenses were not invented by Muslims. Spectacles are an infidel invention and Muslims should not be wearing them! Allah will curse your eyes if you don’t take your glasses off.

    I’ve heard you curse us infidels in English, but the Koran tells us that Arabic is the language of God. Never, ever speak English again. From now on, you only ever speak in Arabic or you will burn in hell!

    Never ever fight any non-Muslim with anything other than spears or bow and arrow. Weapons such as AK-47s, hand-grenades or handguns are infidel inventions and are therefore unclean. Never even climb on board an aircraft. You Muslims are suppose to be far superior to us non-Muslims and you should never have anything to do with us or use anything that we made first. Tell your friend Ahmedinejad to stop his Nuclear program immediately. Most modern nuclear physics theories were formulated by Jewish scientists. Muslims should have nothing to do with nuclear technology. Allah would disapprove.

    Be aware that on your own you will never ever win your battle against us. You have nothing, we have everything. Your god, Allah is superior and the true god, so you keep telling us. You will only beat us if you let your powerful god do the fighting for you. So sit back and let him do the work. Or do you believe that your god (the creator of everything) is incapable of beating us without your help? If so, you have insulted Allah and you will burn in Hell!

    In other words piss off !
    We are nice people and we have compassion and humanity and that is why you think you can destroy us, but believe me, we are stronger than you and if we have a mind to (which we will have one day) we will swat you like flies!
    Be warned Muslims, you couldn’t survive without us, but we can live forever without you!

  5. Softly Bob! Marvellous comments! These primitives have to have beards to hide there ugly inbred faces, and besides, using high technology like a razor would be beyond them!
    When the game kicks off it will be handy to carry a blow-lamp to singe there whiskers!
    Once more unto the breach Dear Friends!

  6. Why would any moderate mulsim be against Sharia4Belgium? If sharia wins, they win, but if sharia is not allowed, they win again, as they have nice lives in the West anyway.

    Its a win-win situation.

  7. That’s just plain bullshit. Some years back, a drug dealer was gunned down by the belgian police, in a “sensitive” neighborhood. One can claim a lot of things about western police, but certainly not that they’re trigger happy. Nevertheless, violent riots broke out in that neighborhood as a consequence, riots in which they ALL participated. I’ve witnessed this, and it was then and there that I decided that these people do not and will not ever accept our constitutional states. They are parasitic, seditious, criminal, and violent. They don’t belong here. None of them.

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