Now this is real magic.

(Photos from 2009)

The wonders and miracles of Western science and cooperation never cease to amaze me. What, in a few generations, Western Europe and North America has accomplished literally staggers the imagination, as even the technology we use to read this humble post is hard to grasp in it’s totality, by orders of magnitude more are the photos in this article.

I remember as a child the long list of, ‘things that are impossible’, most of which not only are possible but some of which are now common and almost boring. One example was the notion that we could never discover planets that orbit other stars. That the technology for that did not, nor could it ever exist due to the complexity of determining a tiny mass such as a planet from its distant star. Now these are discovered weekly.

Please indulge yourself in the photos in this article and think on the amount of classical thought, of focussed secular reason and the hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, who’s ideas and efforts led us to this, and will continue to lead us to previously thought of as impossible goals.’

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  1. All this was achieved by Muslim scientists.
    The Prophet Mohammed had photos like these back in the 7th Century. Allah gave them to him. He intended to print them out on his printer to show his followers what miracles he had seen, but the printer broke. President Ahmedinejad of Iran still has one of the original digital cameras used by the Prophet himself, long before infidels had this technology.
    This is all mentioned in the Koran, you know! Ask any Muslim and he’ll tell you. ‘Can’t remember which Sura though, but it’s in there somewhere!

  2. have you seen this:

    Four billion years from now, the Milky Way galaxy as we know it will cease to exist.

    Astronomers have long known that the Milky Way and Andromeda, which is also known as M31, are barrelling toward one another at a speed of about 250,000 mph (400,000 kph).

    Not in the article I later figured out the milky way galaxy is moving a little over a million miles/hr toward what is called the Great Attractor actually another cluster beyond that which is called Shapley Supercluster.

    We are attempting to achieve great speeds of 10’s of thousands miles/hr in our latest space probes and we have been moving all along well over a million miles/hr

  3. Thanks for posting this link. Those are photos that should not be passed over. If you could somehow show those to Copernicus, imagine his reaction… I can’t believe how neat those rings look, as if they were cut on a lathe.

  4. I wish the true move into space had occurred while I was young enough to go, I read my first SF book in 1956 (Rocket Ship Galileo by Robert Heinlein) and upon finishing it told my mother I was going to the moon. I haven’t made it yet but I still dream of going.

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