“while we are unable to comment specifically on matters that are before a tribunal, we can say that this program was created to respond to a growing demand and an increasing Muslim population.”

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Regional jail program tries to ease religious, cultural tension

OTTAWA — A new program is planned to support Muslim inmates at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre and help inmates, staff and management “in developing awareness and understanding of both cultural and religious diversity” within the jail, according to the provincial ministry that oversees it.

The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services is looking for someone to provide “multi-cultural community program and liaison services” for about 100 male and female inmates of various ethnic origins at the Innes Road jail.

The search comes at the same time that the ministry is involved in a human-rights dispute with the jail’s former superintendent, who alleges she was fired two years ago after raising concerns about systemic discrimination against inmates.

Asked whether the program is in response to any of the complaints made to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario by the former superintendent, Asfia Sultan, ministry spokesman Brent Ross replied that, “while we are unable to comment specifically on matters that are before a tribunal, we can say that this program was created to respond to a growing demand and an increasing Muslim population.”

About one-third of inmates at the jail identify themselves as Muslim, Ross wrote in an email response to questions, and there are similar programs for Christians and Aboriginals. The idea for the program was raised two years ago with Muslim volunteers and the Somali Mothers, a group of women whose sons were detained or had been in trouble with police, according to the ministry.

“It was understood that there was a need and a solution was sought,” Ross wrote.

As for why such a program has not been in place for Muslims until now, Ross wrote that, “as with any program, it takes time to develop and procure funding.”

Hawa Mohamed of the Canadian Somali Mothers Association said she was pleased that the program is moving ahead, but it’s important that its provider is an immigrant organization.

The correctional system lacks staff who are Muslims or visible minorities, Mohamed said, and a problem for inmates, many of whom are young, has been that “no one looks like them” or has a similar background.

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(Canada has a muslim population of 2.8%)

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8 Replies to ““while we are unable to comment specifically on matters that are before a tribunal, we can say that this program was created to respond to a growing demand and an increasing Muslim population.””

  1. They can not get along in the real world so we have to segregate them.

    I thought that was an evil word with socialists?

  2. Once they start hiring more than a few muslim staff, the demands will start in earnest. They should get a ticket back to where they came from.

  3. “we can say that this program was created to respond to a growing demand and an increasing (PRISON) Muslim population.” The word “prison” should have been added. Hmmm, let’s ask ourselves WHY the muslim population is increasing. Exactly who is having “systemic discrimination?” We know what will happen if this program’s provider is an immigrant organization. The demands for special treatment will increase and there will be radicalization then pressure for other prisoners to convert. And who cares if no one “looks like them?” The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

  4. We live in a shrunken world and millions of people are on the move; one of our biggest challenges is how we learn to live in proximity to difference – different skin colours, different beliefs and different way of life. According to a study by COMPAS, Muslims born and educated were given the impression of outsiders. The perception among Muslims is that they are unwelcome in Britain is undermining efforts to help them integrate into wider society. Most of them say that they have experienced race discrimination and religious prejudice. Muslims and Islam is promoted a fundamentalist and separatist by the western elite, which have negative impact on community and social cohesion. Community cohesion has failed because there is a negative experience of mutual understanding and cooperation between the hostile host community and Muslim community.

    There are good grounds for believing that linguistic and intercultural competence are more important than ever in preparation for global citizenship and for life in multicultural societies. In this context, community languages represent a valuable resource for individual and society and yet they have been marginalised in Western education system. There has been a failure to locate them within language and literacy policies and to recognise links to inclusion, community cohesion and citizenship. According to a French political sociologist, Muslims in Europe feel that they are not welcome. Inspite of official initiative, a significant minority see institutional racism across the board. Blatant racism exists in parts of the world of work. Religious intolerance is “the new racism” and one of the main causes of persecution of minorities. Terrorism efforts and economic marginalisation are increasingly being associated with religion, not ethnicity. In my opinion, Western schooling has been producing Muslim youths with anger, extremism and frustration. Muslim children are confused because they are being educated in a wrong place at a wrong time in state schools with non-Muslim monolingual teachers. They face lots of problems of growing up in two distinctive cultural traditions and value systems, which may come into conflict over issues such as the role of women in the society, and adherence to religious and cultural traditions. The conflicting demands made by home and schools on behaviour, loyalties and obligations can be a source of psychological conflict and tension in Muslim youngsters. There are also the issues of racial prejudice and discrimination to deal with, in education and employment. They have been victim of racism and bullying in all walks of life. British schooling and the British society is the home of institutional racism. BNP, EDL and all other main political parties are the true photo of the racist British society. Why not NATO and all the other WATCH DOGS group impose sanction on England, for not doing anything to tackle the racism in their Country. These so-called organisations can interfere with the Middle East Countries, to rape the people of their OIL! But can’t do anything about the racism and exploitation of minority groups in England and Canada. When these societies oppress some groups, and unleash the monster then, and the people retaliate, then they call them terrorist! Need some serious pro-action instead of reaction. According to DFE, 56% of Pakistanis and 54% of Bangladeshi children has been victims of bullies. The first wave of Muslim migrants were happy to send their children to state schools, thinking their children would get a much better education. Than little by little, the overt and covert discrimination in the system turned them off. There are fifteen areas where Muslim parents find themselves offended by state schools. The British teachers have no respect for Islamic faith and Muslim community. Western education system can easily deprogram Muslim children and force them to adopt un-Islamic values. Let the Muslim parents decides how and where to educate their children. According to MORI social research institute on behalf of Bristol LEA, nine out of ten Muslim parents agreed with the model of an Islamic secondary school set up within the state system. I rejected British schooling for Muslim children in the early 70s. I have been campaigning for state funded Muslim schools since then. I set up the first Muslim school in London in 1981. At the time of 9/11, there were only 54 schools and now there are more than168 full time Muslim schools and more are in the pipe lines. Only 12 Muslim schools are state funded. According to a report, the majority of Islamist terrorists in the UK are British born and educated is under the age of 30, well educated and likely to be employed. Most terrorism in Britain is committed by home-grown terrorists. Britain’s fight against terrorism has been a disaster. It has alienated Muslim youths. The campaign has targeted non-violent Muslims and branded them as supporters of violence. Britain remains under severe risk from terror attacks. The government policy had made the task of the police harder by alienating Muslim youths. The staffs at Gendale Primary in Pollokshield, where Muslim children are in majority, are being asked to look for signs of radicalisation. It is an increibly worrying development. We cannot have a culture of teachers spying on Muslim children as young as five. Racism is very ripe in Scottish schools and society. Muslim and other minority children has been victim of racism in all walks of life. LAs and schools are trying their best to hide this issue under the carpet. Hardly anybody was convicted or imprisoned by the Authorities. What do you expect from Muslim youths when they have been victim of racism throughout their development periods? Now Muslim youths are victim of terrorism. Thousands of them are being searched in streets and hundreds of them are behind the bar without any trials.

  5. Canada has a muslim population of 2.8%, and 33% of the inmates define themselves as muslim. I would say that, instead of spending good taxpayer money on programs to alleviate their plight, it is time to, literally, beat them into submission. Who invited this filth into our societies anyway. Well we know who’s responsible for that. And I keep hoping that the day when they’ll be presented with the bill, will come.

  6. The problem will be solved when the Moslems start trying to assimulate into the Western culture rather then trying to conquer the west, in other words never.

  7. I understand Iftikhar Ahmad. But it is really a chicken-egg problem.To break the tie, we should understand that the civil war in Syria is the proof of the moral inferiority of the Muslim system. It proves that the police officers who frisk dark-looking young men are right, not the dark-looking young men who claim racist harassment. Muslims claim that not following Islam causes the war in Syria, but this isn’t true. The more Muslims follow Islam, the more the civil war in Syria aggravates.
    In an ideal world, there would be no Muslim youth in prison. Muslim youth who commit, for instance, theft against a non-Muslim, should lose their right hand.

  8. Fools, nothing but fools and apologists with their MC/PC tails between their self-righteous legs…..spit.

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