Enemies ‘are all within range of the resistance fire’



By Reza Kahlili

With Western pressure growing on Bashar Assad over the latest massacres of defenseless women and children in Syria, Iranian officials again are warning the world against any action against the Middle East dictator.

The pro-Assad “resistance” has its finger on the trigger and the aggressors will not survive the conflict, a senior commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Brig. Gen. Massoud Jazaeri, told Mashregh, a media outlet run by the Guards. Iranian officials often refer to Iran, Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon as the resistance front.

Mashregh reported in March that Iran’s armed forces had formed a joint war room that included officers from Syria, Iran and Hezbollah for a coordinated military response to an attack on Syria.

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5 Replies to “Enemies ‘are all within range of the resistance fire’”

  1. Western countries should stay out. Russia, Turkey, and Iran wanted it, they got it. Barry is incompetent and will just get people killed.

  2. Iran is the great enemy of Saudi-Arabia. In a way, they set Europe free. The only way a great war between Saudi-Arabia and Iran can be avoided, is by exchanging daughters for marriage.

  3. The last I saw Iran has missiles that will reach all European capitals and most of the out laying areas, they are getting ready for the war to bring back the Mahdi.

  4. Destroying European capitals will kill a lot of Muslims. Actually, I am the Mahdi. I destroy Israel by growing a cancer in it. I also unify the Muslims by telling them they can overcome the civil war in Syria by exchanging daughters for marriage. If the Saudi marries the Iranian woman, and the Iranian marries the Saudi women, they understand that they see each other as Muslims. This builds trust.
    My Mahdi powers turned the Israeli into a dayoos, a dishonored man.

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