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6 Replies to “700 arrested in ‘neo-nazi’ and far left clashes in Germany”

  1. What do they mean by that far left AND National socialists?

    I understand the communists and socialists never got along. For similar reasons the Shiites and Sunni don’t get along. Neither one likes their version of leftism or theocracy.
    But they are both extreme left

  2. Nazis?

    Another smear job by the leftarded media:

    Die Neonazis trugen Plakate mit Sprüchen wie: “Stoppt den Multikultiwahn” oder “Deutsch kann nur der sein, der deutscher Abstammung ist” oder “Multikulti = Völkermord”.

    What the enemedia calls ‘Neonazis’ are people who demonstrated peacefully with placards like ‘stop the multiculti-madness’ and ‘German are only those who have German ancestors’ as well as ‘multiculti is genocide’.
    Naturally, ‘Antifa’, anarcho’s and other far left rabble attacked them and caused this riot.

    Nothing to do with Islam, as usual…. but I can’t see any Nazis, apart from the Sturmer like reporting in the press.

  3. Here’s another video of this demo which illustrates the use of several black flags (as in opposition of white flag/surrender?) accompanied by an annoying chorus of out of sync brass whistles.
    Note@3:10, a black/white flag with a bird symbol is the closest hint of nazi symbolism.

    The audio isn’t clear. Perhaps someone who is fluent in German can translate the slogans shouted during the parade?

    This group appears to be ‘nationalist’ in nature . . .against un-assimilating immigrants, not necessarily nazis.

  4. They don’t see violent enough or disciplined enough to be Nazi’s, since the two Germanyes reunited the Neo-Nazi’s have been learning to march in step.

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