Yet another Israeli medical breakthrough

Something tells me that many will not celebrate this one at all. But for sufferers of PTSD, this will be a fantastic development. It means they get to live life without having to be ‘high’ all the time.

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Marijuana Users Stay Sober Thanks to New Plant

Israelis develop “cannabis without the high”

By: Sammy Hudes
Published: May 31st, 2012 in Health » Israel
Cannabis plantPic: Wikipedia

Israeli scientists have cultivated a cannabis plant that may benefit those who smoke marijuana for medical purposes but wish to do so without getting high, according to a report by the Israeli newspaper, Maariv.

The new cannabis plant appears the same as regular marijuana and reportedly tastes and smells the same as well. The main difference is that smoking it does not induce any feelings normally associated with ordinary marijuana, leaving users completely sober.

The plant was developed by Tikkun Olam, which sought to neutralize the effect of the substance, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and increase the effect of another substance called cannabidiol (CBD).

It has been shown that CBD has the ability to help diabetics and ease various psychiatric disorders.

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  1. Interesting, as I said we are in the opening years of an avalanche of scientific breakthroughs, if or course the coming economic crash doesn’t prevent the research.

  2. The Israeli is a fine man, but he gave up his right to polygamy. This is very wrong. Monogamy leads to the murder of women and children. A monogamist dishonors the remembrance of the Holocaust.

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