Muslim Preacher: Dutch are lower than Animals

Bad news from the Netherlands:

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

British Muslim Preacher Abu Abdullah Al-Britani spoke on Saturday at a conference of radical Muslims in Amsterdam. He called the Dutch people “lower than animals.” He added that the Netherlands are a dirty and filthy country which forces women into prostitution. Al-Britani called the parliamentarians Ahmed Marcouch (Labor) and Tofik Dibi (green Left) surrogate Muslims and idiots.

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4 Replies to “Muslim Preacher: Dutch are lower than Animals”

  1. He doesn’t sound very British to me. More like a goat-humping Arab. Probably by British you mean in receipt of handouts from the British taxpayer, courtesy of our dhimmi govt.

  2. He will burn in hell, Islam destroys itself in Syria.

    Regarding forced prostitution, I thought he would approve of forcing non-Muslim women into prostitution. Also, would the Netherlands be better if trafficked women didn’t end up in brothels but in harems?

  3. This is what the Moslems think about all non Moslem nations, they are wrong but our opinion about the hell holes (Moslem nations) are right.

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