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8 Replies to “Tommy Robinson: Is terrorism synonymous with islam?”

  1. As a long standing member of the BNP I can categorically state that I think Carlos – the BNP spokesman does not speak for me or many of us.

  2. I’m a BNP supporter and I think Carlos is wrong regarding the role of Islam to terrorism.The assertion that Islam is only incidental to terrorism committed by Muslims is naive.It is clearly the prime motivator.

  3. You can debate and discuss until you’re blue in the face and cold out on the streets of course. Maybe the focus should be shifted away from the question if there’s a link between islamism and terrorism, to whether it’s islam that makes its followers incompatible with a modern, future oriented society, or if it’s something else, i.e. something more genetic in nature.

  4. Late in the conversation, Tommy is discussing the types of Muslims overtaking Britain and one of the Muslim on the panel says: “You are actually telling Muslims how they should integrate in your society” or words to that effect.
    That in a nutshell is what the problem is. Tommy is absolutely right. How Muslims, not should but must integrate in British society is exactly what he is saying and there is no problem with that at all.

  5. It’s only 1:45 in and the announcer is full of shit.

    The bit about muslims being abused and persecuted and called terrorists all over the world is a lie. Not just that but it is actually terrorist military propoganda that was started the day after 9/11.

    Anders Brievik was not a “far right” terrorist. He was a schizophrenic. I’ve posted extensively about that and stand by every single word.

    The EDL is not a “far right nationalist organization”. They are libral by anyones standards. Their positions on equal rights for women, gays and minorities are no different from those of Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch.

    And they are absolutely not nationalist. They are pro immigration and pro hetero-culturalism. They are a reaction against religious right wing organizaitons that are opposed to libral democracy and heterogenious society.

    They just aren’t wimpy, committee addicted, control freak, passive aggressive, pansy nerds. Just because you have libral ideals, it doesn’t mean you have to be a total wus. Name one superhero that doesn’t have libral beliefs.

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