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3 Replies to “Obama, Obama, we are all Osama”

  1. They will burn in hell. They deserve castration and slavery. Take their women as your harem concubines. God commands it. His truth is proven by the civil war in Syria. Allah is chopped in two. Allah isn’t God, but Iblis is. Iblis is the One-eyed Lord who doesn’t kneel for mere humans. Verily, Iblis is swift and utterly ruthless in punishment, here and in the Afterlife. The Dutch are the Kuraysh of Iblis. They are utterly ruthless. They kill the little disabled child, they kill the helpless elderly. They tolerate the rape of the infant. The Dutch are the finest of people. They have their pick of Saudi women. I demand the daughters of Uthaymeen as my harem concubines. The children of the Aryan man and his Semitic slave girl are the most excellent of humans.

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