Muslim demands cross be removed from medical clinic chapel and more.

From vattentemperatur:

Translation by Michael Laudahn

In the entrance hall at Scania’s university clinic in Lund, there is a room for silence, which is open 24/24 to visitors. According to Svenskakyrkan [the swedish state’s official lutheran church], here you can ‘sit in silence, light up a candle in our candlesticks, pick a word on your way (a jar word) [*)], and write into the book of intercession.’

The video clip shows some moslems who want to use the room, and approach the priest with some simple demands during the dialogue:

Priest [female, swedish, lutheran]:
But you wish that we remove the cross?
Yah, yah.

This is just what you feel (uneasy with, own remark [I assume the author is trying to say that he couldn’t hear the priest on the video and was making an educated guess])
Exactly, exactly, yes, you know our members, this is going to be a little delicate or difficult, that they will come and say, this is a church.
Later the priest communicates: I don’t think this will be a problem (to remove the cross) but I will treat this with my colleagues, while more demands are being expressed by the moslems…

Here is the Swedish Church official site for this room::

There is a second video at this link as well. You can see how it has now become less multi-faith and more Muslim. A microcosm for the world itself.


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7 Replies to “Muslim demands cross be removed from medical clinic chapel and more.”

  1. It always the same crap with muslims. If it’s an interfaith chapel they always demand that anything pertaining to other religions be removed. Soon all you see is prayer mats and arabic script pictures on the walls. And the Christian etc. idiots allow themselves to be taken over, no, they joyfully submit to islam. It’s time to wake the hell up and grow a pair before your daughters & granddaughters are shrouded sex slaves to these savages.

  2. These are not just some visitors to the Hospital. These are politicals. The Muslim Brotherhood uses hospitals to establish islamic norms.

    They used their free clinics in Egypt to help bring back the niqab to Egyptian society. They gave free medical care to people but if women wanted to visit their husbands they had to put on those muslim do rags to be allowed into the clinics.

  3. Truth:

    There are rumours floating of a video that might be out soon, that details this process worldwide. The Muslim Brotherhood seems to have a very clear methodology which has escaped most peoples notice, and those that do noticed are silenced by the Obama admin among others.

  4. The only ones offended by crosses are vampires, werewolves, Satan worshippers, witches….. oh, yeah, and Muslims!
    Does this say anything?

  5. Eeyore, Freedom, Equality and the Muslim (or Moslim ) Brotherhood is a good film about them. It’s on Kitman TV and I am sure it’s been linked to on this cite before.

    I hope the vid discusses how they use the “arts of coalition and assimilation (as in what the borg do). That is create associations with other groups and then take them over.

    The Larouchies do this. They use stuff that people are protesting against as excuses to join up with protest groups then try to take them over.

  6. The Moslems are following the lead of the left, find some place they can use to attack other religions and use it as an opening wedge to outlaw all other religions.

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