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11 Replies to “MEMRI: Saudi woman defies religious police”

  1. It always amazes me how the Saudi men, these vulgar, bearded molesters of little boys and domestic livestock, these quintessential hypocrites….with grotesquely misshapen senses of propriety, scamper about harassing their eternal object of hatred………women………

    What, exactly, is it, about a pair of breasts and a vagina that these molesters of mutton find so terrifying?………what is it about nail polish that has them coughing blood?…..I mean they dress little boys up in nail polish, make-up and women’s clothing and force them to entertain these pedophiles….and then after the evenings entertainment these unfortunate miserable souls are sentenced to a full night of sodomy and sexual horrors……….

    But faced with a real live vagina all they can do, shielding their delicate eyes from the Beast of Islam itself, is to reach for a butcher knife and hack off the clitoris and labia!!!……but being practical sort of psychopaths these muslim men recognize opportunity and leave the womb intact………and a muslim woman’s womb, the personal property of these vicious terrorists and considered as little more than an arms factory……giving birth to wave after wave of suicide bombers…….suicide bombers…….the Saudi gift to the world!!!!

    Fortunately, some women are waking up….in the video, this woman in a shopping mall, is set upon by a couple of Saudi thugs, (thugs clad in the very finest from Linen’s and Things with their left hands smelling distinctly like their arseholes and breath) has had enough….and tells them all to go to hell….

    Behold the power of the Internet.

    Oh I know, they’ll probably cut off her head….or give her 200 lashes or bounce a couple of dozen rocks off her skull……….you know…..the usual fatwa that has the Chief Saudi Pedophile, King Abdullah, giggling like a little school boy (his favourite object of rape and sodomy)……

    Personally, I can hardly wait until they drag that bastard King Abdullah, kicking and screaming, from his little palace of purple hued perversion and pedophillia, and, stringing him up from a lamp post, turn him into a human piñata……..

    Not wanting to waste space and a golden opportunity, maybe we can make that a lamp post for two…..and pair good King Abdullah up with that pious, portly purveyor of self righteous Saudi indignation, the one, the only, Trad Bahabri, that poisonous little Saudi pimp of female misery who, whilst acting as the president of the Saudi Education Center in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada….went absolutely batshit when he spied, with his little woman hating Wahabbi eye, a photograph of a woman, clad in a niqab, holding up a brassiere!!!!!…..

    Yes, old Trad Bahabri, upon spying this muslim sin of sins, was found flopping around on the floor of the education center, eyes rolled back in his head, foaming at the mouth and babbling something about how he had been thrust into the jaws of muslim male hell (a muslim hell where women are intelligent, self determining and have driver’s licences)

    Ohhhhhh the horror!!!…..what’s the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (the Kingdom of Kowards and Kiddie Kornholery) coming to?…..women driving!!!…..nail polish!!!…..panties and brassieres!!!!….run for your lives!!!!……

    Ohhhhh yes…..a Saudi woman, clad in nail polish and piloting an automobile, playing dodge’em with the Princes of Pedophilia; Saudi men………

    Ohhhhhhhh to dream a little dream………..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. “What, exactly, is it, about a pair of breasts and a vagina that these molesters of mutton find so terrifying?”

    The West.

    Ok, Ok, a little low but an element of truth.

    When you treat people as chattle they will rise up against you, so you have to keep them down. They are the sons of raped women who were daughters of raped women and so on. Love has gone cold and purely functionary. The West has reaped the furment of female-resentment so the White Heterosexual gets ziltch, ziltch in Her Kingdom. And that submissive little Malay girl that shows how all women ought to behave?… once she’s in the West, it’s single-parent Welfare Housing Public Sector job all the way. Every one of them.

    Yep. They’re terrified.

  3. They are insecure in their manhood, this partially stems from the rapes they suffered as children and partially from the teachings of Mohammad.

  4. Insecure or not excuses should not be made for these savages. There are other people who have been raped & mistreated who have not turned into savages. It is a choice.

  5. Pigs I agree with you, but knowing why your enemies are acting like they are gives you and advantage in physiological warfare, and this is a total war with all form of warfare being used.

  6. There are times when I have no pain and can do most things, there are others when I can barely move, deteriorating disks in the lumbar region, sometimes the weather causes the pain and sometimes I move wrong.

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