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One Reply to “Reza Khalili on Michael Coren: Iranian military commander threat to Israel”

  1. One day we will wake up and discover that Iran has used a nuke on Israel, the only way to stop this is to destroy the Iranian nuclear program. The Israeli military is one of the best in the world but they are limited in size and in weapons they can use, the best Israel can do is buy time. For those who are thinking that the Israeli nuclear weapons will destroy the bunkers you need to remember that the bunkers were designed to survive a surface blast of a nuclear weapon.

    The only nati0n that has the assets to destroy the Iranian nuclear program is the US, Obama won’t order the attack is busy reducing our military strength and capabilities so the next President will be unable to destroy the program. In three and a half years Obama has managed to reduce the US military capabilities more then the Clintons did in eight years.

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