North Korean hubris may finally push it over the cliff with it’s only real ‘ally’


Kidnapped fishermen’s case angers Chinese public 

By , Updated: Wednesday, May 23, 10:16 AM

BEIJING — The plight of 28 Chinese fishermen who were kidnapped, robbed, stripped and held for 13 days by North Koreans has inflamed Chinese public opinion, with many Internet users taking to microblogging sites to question the Beijing government’s close relationship with its reclusive ally in Pyongyang.

But for the moment, experts and diplomats said, the episode seems unlikely either to shake the alliance or lead Beijing’s Communist authorities to heed Washington’s call to apply more pressure on North Korea.

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2 Replies to “North Korean hubris may finally push it over the cliff with it’s only real ‘ally’”

  1. If China was democracy public opinion about things like this would be a problem, since it is an oligarchy the public uproar will do nothing unless it leads to an upraising that changes their form of government. Until then the Chinese government will continue to support North Korea so they can use them to draw attention away from the Chinese actions, and to use then as fronts in their weapons sales program.

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