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15 Replies to “Another black-on-white beating in the US.”

  1. Eeyore,

    did u get the email I sent you? No one wants to talk about this. Its really sad. Either it serves a bigger purpose (to allow the racial divid to increase) or everyone just feels better keeping their heads in the sand.

  2. Columnist,

    Speaking from personal observation: Just like there are some Whites who are “good” oriented (with values of justice, best man for the job, not hurting another just because they are different, etc), and some Whites who are just…White? Aryan? oriented; so too, there are some Black folks who are “good” oriented and some who are just… black oriented.

    The ones who are Black oriented -its hardly spoken about. its pretty much taboo because it seems “pay back time” is in effect, and condoned by most (at least by the media, leftists, apologists, etc). For those people the muslim status doesn’t matter, christian, whatever, as long as the action is done by “Black” then its okay and no preprisals are needed. (Same with white racists).

    (when I say black oriented or white oriented, I mean beyond normal self preservation. I mean to the point of almost …worship.)

    And then there are those who just lump all blacks into one lump.. and there are those that just lump all whites in to one lump.

    The one and only good thing -in my opinion- that this whole Muslims terrorism has done, is to help people to realize that wrongfulness is more of a spiritual thing, an abstract thing. its not a “oh i see a white man so he’s automatically evil” or “Oh here is a black man, that means we are in trouble!”. Rather, its the value system in that person that makes them goodly or a danger.

    At least I hope people will come around to seeing that.

  3. @ Columnist:

    I don’t really know.

    I think people are trying to move in the right direction— mindlessly.

    My guess is:
    (1) There can be multiculturalism, and there is in some communities, but the one thing that they all have in common is that they all share the same values.

    (1) Its impossible to pretend that multiculturalism can work and over look the fact that people’s values can be diametrically opposed to another. Multiculturalism can only work so far.

    so why do they play = too much people pleasing.

    (2) There is something called taqqiyya that I think Muslims have. Its a sort of “freedom of speech” if I can call it that. Basically,it says you’re free to say whatever sounds right (for a purpose). So, to the Black worshipping people, Arabs will make it seem that they are also the victim (didn’t they connect Palestinians to Black Americans once?) and definitely not oppressors. That they had slaves, sure, but they didn’t mistreat them *cough* never mind castrations and the still ongoing blunt and blantant raw slavery *cough*. and most won’t research what is said.

    whereas, in America, Americans are “plagued” with the need to tell the truth (tell all)–and if they don’t tell the truth, the leftists will come forth and be that voice. One way or the other, it all comes out. All the wrongs, all the atrocities, everything.

    Being too truthful, can paint someone as a bad guy when the opposing stories sound so “rosey”, I think.

    Then people really start thinking they are bad guys, and allow themselves to be “sentenced” ; rather than continue with the truth -since that’s what they know- and going on to acknowledging the progress that has been done as far as race relations.

    so: why do they play = lack of information

    (3) moral relativism on steroids. thinking everything is equally okay, makes it impossible to stand with convinction about anything.

    so why do they play = no conviction.

  4. miriam you said

    There can be multiculturalism, and there is in some communities, but thone thing that they all have in common is that they all share the same values

    That is a good description of the melting pot, the cultures will over a period of years or decades the cultures melt into one culture.

  5. that is true. I guess multiculturalism is just one step towards the melting pot. In the society that I had in mind, yes, that is happening, but that is also the goal.

    So, step one is not even possible with people with opposing values.

  6. You are right on both counts the melting pot is the goal, and this isn’t possible with people/cultures of opposing values. Remember the various jihadists saying that we in the west love Coca-Cola while they love death, where are the values we have in common, we in the west die to protect our kids, the jihadists train theirs to be suicide/homicide bombers.

  7. I don’t know what to say. I just remember this movie called, “Network” where the character screams at the audience, telling them to say (and to feel that,) “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!!!”

    and effectively many were waking up. But they needed the media to received that message and wake up…they were stirring from their slumber, but not quite awake yet, but then it was that same media that then twisted the main character’s message and derailed the people once again to seek only entertainment.

    there has to be an alternative to this mode of communicating. something the media, the agenda driven, the politicians, etc., can’t hijack.

  8. miriam reality is knocking and will relatively soon knock loud enough to wake people up. Look at what happened at the beginning of WWII, there was the phony war period when no action was taken, then the Blitzkreg assault started and the war blew real big. Prior to the assault many people in Britain took the war as a joke. (There are some WWII era movies on youtube showing this) It took the attack on Pearl Harbor to wake up the Americans.

    The 9/11 attacks were the invasion of Poland, the nation building since then has been the phoney war period. The chaos in Europe is starting and this will wake people when it gets so bad the media can’t ignore it, unfortunately by that time violence will be the only way to solve the problems.

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