Switzerland Imam: “If the man needs sex, he is allowed to beat his wife”

Translation by Hermes of this article::

Muslim from Basel has the right to say such thing openly, court of justice ruled.

Aziz Osmanoglu, 36, the secretary of the muslim community in Basel lives abiding strongly by the Koran. “I stand for it entirely. I regret nothing of what I’ve said at that time”.

He is standing trial again.

In the documentary from the SF1 channel called “behind the veil”, Aziz Osmanoglu was one of the chief characters. There he explained to the viewers:

“A (muslim) man needs sex, that’s why in extreme cases he is allowed to beat his wife if she refuses. If not, then the man would look for another partner, and this is not acceptable in Islam”

He finds whipping or cutting off hands a proper punishment for thieves. “I would willingly stand  for Sharia”, he said in addition to it in an interview. What does he have the guts for? Many from the audience shook their heads.

The reaction from the public prosecutor’s office:

Osmanoglu was denounced for “public instigation to crime and violence”. The muslim was at first instance released by the court.

But the issue went ahead in the court of appeal.

During yesterday’s trial, the judge stated that

“the declarations of the accused are clear instigations to violence. And as the secretary of a muslim organization, he has a great capability to influence others”

Osmanoglu denied the charges. He wanted to dismount the preconceptions against the muslims and not to call for violence. People have picked out the statements from the whole context of the documentary, and that he did nothing unlawful.

The president of the court, Claudius Gelzer, judged the aclarations of Osmanoglu as censurable:

“violence against women is strongly condemnable, these declarations are neither morally nor ethically right.

In spite of this, Osmanoglu was once again released because he did not call on directly to behave like that.

Sharia lives. Among us. How does one say it? Be welcome?


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