U.N. now nothing more than communist overseers.

The contempt I feel when I watched this clip of the E.N. envoy had me chocking on bile.

I am among the poorest in Canada. But I do not think those who made different choices than I did, owe it to me to pay more so that I should have the benefits that those who made more money enjoy. As it is, Canada’s health care, medicine plans for the poor, programs for every imaginable thing such as busses that literally kneel down for the disabled on top of Para-transpo are exceptionally good.

However this isn’t the point. The point is that this UN envoy chose to focus on how much the wealthy have, as opposed to how much the poor have here in comparison to the poor everywhere else on earth. Only communists and other purveyors of fantasy ignore the reality of what people have and focus on the perceived unfairness of disparity of wealth. It doesn’t matter one bit if I have everything I want and for that matter, a lot more than I worked for, and the guy next to me has a half million dollar car. It only matters that I am being treated fairly based on what I contribute. If the disparity was 100:1 instead of 10:1 as the U.N. envoy claimed, but the lowest 10% enjoyed free health care, medicine, had access to food even if they blew all their state benefits on booze cigarettes and drugs, then they are doing exceptionally well. In fact too well as they would be the only people not being asked to pay for the consequences of their own choices and actions.

Overall in the world in fact, while the rich are getting richer, the poor are also getting richer and in the worst places, aren’t getting poorer. This is thanks to the efforts of people like Norman Borlogue, the genetic engineer who developed specialized foods to grow in the largest famine struck areas. The U.N. is trying to justify it’s own existence by trying to humiliate one of the most generous and certainly successful nations on Earth, now or ever, and probably for one reason and one reason only.

We have a government which is conservative by name, and believes in individual rights, and supports Israel.

The U.N. has become nothing more than an advance scout for Islam and communism. The sooner Canada leaves it the better.

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  1. Canada and the Harper Government are being made an example of for taking a stand against illegal refugee and immigrant benefit whores.
    Best to keep our mouths shut and keep working. Someone has to pay for the U.N.’s plans for the cultural annihilation of the west.

  2. HAH! Way to SUN TV that’s the way to sock-it to them! LOLOLz

    We all know the UN employees want to keep their jobs so they have to CREATE some work sooooooo. they just bully we Western countries because they know that we will do something…. WHEREAS …!!!!!…

    We all know that WEALTHY MIDDLE EAST COUNTRIES like Saudi WON’T give any money to any people even their own and the UN knows that they CAN NOT get anywhere with them … and they might even get a FATWA or TWO on their heads sooooo … they just concentrate on we Western countries

    Also…. I’ve heard our hotels and tourist hot spots are better and safer ^_* !!!!

  3. “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

    It doesn’t matter if the quote originated with Winston Churchill or Margaret Thatcher; its truer today than ever before.

    The UN is a swamp of the worst scum of the earth and it needs to go to the scrapheap of history. For this wander to piss on Canada is nothing more but hatred of the good for being good.

    Harper should place a ban on all UN activities and stop all payments to the swine. Its no use. They would destroy every civilised society on earth to make it like north Korea or the ‘democratic’ republic of the Congo.


    Not to be reasoned with.

  4. Spain is on the very brink of total economic collapse, and meanwhile the socialist president of Andalusia, who has recently allied with the communists in order to be able to form a government, has given 2 million euros to labor unions, which in turn will pass the cash to fellow comrades in Bolivia, Costarica and Morocco in order to support egality programs.

    Oh, these fu**ing red cockroaches…

  5. Cultural Marxism, striving to become political Marxism.

    Complete sanctimonious and false righteousness twists minds into some alternate reality. Do these wanna-be Marxists actually understand where their wealth comes from? Apparently not.

    The focus for the therapists must be to deprogram the false notions:
    1) If you are successful then it follows that you have cheated, taken that success from others (especially the third world countries).
    2) If you are poor (especially in the third world), then it is because you have been oppressed by those who are successful (the cheaters).

    We need deprogramming centers more now than we ever have. Cultists used to see few and far between, but now we are seeing the harvest of a generation or two of brainwashing.

  6. Once parasites get too greedy, they host dies, and Socialism fails. When you hear Socialists talking about how Socialism hasn’t been tried the right way, they mean no one has figured out how to keep the host alive while the parasites feed.

    When Socialism fails r-type die

  7. If Ron Paul wins, big if, but if he pulls off an Obama like upset, rather than that grinning crown Romney (in which case it will be business as usual ), that will be the end of the League of Nations (my mistake the far more effective UN), and good riddance.
    Once America stops paying for the corrupt useless pen pushers, then the whole rotten edifice will come crashing down, and good riddance.

  8. Yeah, you Canadians, with your politeness and your violent obsession with curling. When will the U.N. peace keepers finally put an end to your madness?

  9. The UN is a dead organization that doesn’t realize it is dead, socialism/Marxism/communism is a dead political philosophy, one that has created the mess we now have, and which is responsible for the coming world wide violence.

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