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6 Replies to “Washington D.C. “The pot that leaks from the top””

  1. Obama will sell out anyone to gain another term, and since he was semi raised as a Moslem and then as an atheist he sees no danger from Islam.

    One thing that is worrying me and a lot of others is that if/when Obama isn’t reelected he will have over 3 months to damage the US.

  2. Yes indeed Bl@kbird:) So true.

    Personlly I think Obama has a lot of personal integrity, but in genuinely trying to achieve a more tollerant society he is instead falling into a rut of allowing minority extremists carte blanch to pursue what can only be described as anti-humanitarian activities…

    Sadly there is much bloodshed to come unfortunately and many innocent people are going to be affected as a result. In the end though, the insane towelheads are going to cop it once and for all….

  3. Ross Lloyd said, “Personlly I think Obama has a lot of personal integrity”

    That is a contradiction i terms to have a socialists leader with integrity

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