The Three Cs

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Echoing the theme of Paul Weston’s talk earlier today, Takuan Seiyo offers a somewhat different take on the same recent events in Rochdale.

The current state of Britain (and all of Western Civilization) is reminiscent of an observation by Riddley Walker in the eponymous novel by Russell Hoban. Upon seeing the “shyning of them broakin machines” at Fork Stoan, Riddley grieves: “O, what we ben! And what we come to!”

The Three Cs
by Takuan Seiyo

Consider the case of the nine “Asian” men recently convicted for snaring, drugging, kidnapping, pimping and gang-raping 50 young British girls, over ten years. These Asian men, all of them Japanese Buddhists from Kyoto:

The Rochdale Eight
Handout composite image issued on May 8, 2012 by Manchester Police showing eight of the nine men in the “Rochdale gang”: Adil Khan, Mohammed Amin, Abdul Rauf, Mohammed Sajid; bottom, Abdul Aziz, Abdul Qayyum, Hamid Safi and Kabeer Hassan

As has now transpired, police, public prosecutors and social workers knew about these blood-curdling abuses since 2002, and ignored them because they feared being called racist. They ignored the complaints of a 15 year-old who told them she was being driven all over town to be raped by up to five men every day. Singled out, as she relayed, because she was white, vulnerable and under-age.

And the pleas of another one who described in a six-hour interview with the police her multiple rapes, by up to five men a day, and provided DNA evidence too. And a mother whose three daughters were being raped regularly by the Japanese Buddhist Asians, and who complained about it multiple times to the authorities, to no avail.

Racist police action averted, thankfully, for ten long years, I am particularly fond of Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood acknowledgment that officers could have dealt with the case “better than we did,” and that “The issue here is genuinely about vulnerability. It just happens that they are Asian men. In no way did we sweep it under the carpet.”

Let’s move on from the hopeless zombie cops to a British historian who is full of hope. “If we are to make this highly diverse society work, and I desperately hope that we do,” said David Starkey, PhD, CBE, FSA and a richly remunerated darling of Britain’s broadcast MSM, “what we should be focusing on is the astonishing record of change.”

The esteemed Dr. Starkey avers that these “Asian” kuffar-pedophilia specialists have been acting “within their cultural norms.” Converting them to the British norms is a matter of explaining that the history of women in Britain was once “rather similar” to that in Pakistan, but now it has changed.

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  1. Social workers and police carry out directives of their supervisors, directors, ministers. According to reports the state takes custody of or at least has supervision over most of these children. The children the state has custody of are in caregiver homes paid for by the state.

    So, while the state is giving a politically correct message to sex gangs that the victim is not important,reinforcing the view of sex gangs, the state is also supervising or paying for the negligent care of the victims.

    Guardians for the children should sue the state for its failure to protect the children. Caregivers should be fired and prosecuted for neglecting the children. Social services agencies should do a better job of selecting and supervising caregiver homes.

    Leadership is top-down.

  2. Joy the problem is we don’t have real leaders right now, no one in power thinks the buck stops at their desk, someone else is always responsible. Yes people should be fired and some sent to jail over the actions that allowed the girls to be raped for so long, given the current attitudes they won’t. This is what happens when you teach the people to look to the state for all things, the bureaucrats then run things to suit themselves while the politicians spend their time hunting for votes.

  3. War crime trials were held by the Allies to try German Nazis. But how does one prosecute those who have betrayed their own civilisation, even to the extent of betraying children, whose safety was in their keeping. Nuremberg type trials seem insufficient for such types of crimes.

    After the war, traitors found in the countries liberated from the Nazis, were simply executed – after a summary trial. But even these traitors did not betray children to the enemy, to be used as sexual sports by them.

  4. Who is kidding who when they describe these islamic pieces of filth as Japanese Buddhists from Kyoto? On one website they are being described as Japanese marshal arts experts. They are nothing of the sort. They are Paki Muslim paedophile rapists from Rochdale which is about as far away from the land of rising sun as one can get.

    The only fighting that these muslim perverts have done is holding down underage girls whilst they are being gang raped by other Islamic perverts. All this is perfectly legal in Islime as it is taught in that toilet roll of theirs known as the koran. It’s their way of emulating their paedophile rapist prophet Mohammed and at the same time punishing the kuffar for not being a muslim. All allowed in Islam.

    Once these peices of islamic garbage get caught, the clerics, the news editors and corrupt politicians will make all kinds of excuses in order to get them off the hook. They will even go so far as to try and blame the young victims themselves. But they will try to avoid using the word Islam as though it is the plague (It is).

    This is a practice that has been going on throughout the western world for years and it seems it has only just come to light. The fact is that it is one big cover up that has been going on for years. Now that the lid is off this can of worms our bent politicians are trying their best to get it back on again.

    What you see here are eight Islamic rapist perverts, plus another not shown, who are trying their best to cover up the fact that they are the followers of Allah who commands all other Islamic perverts and rapists. These are the lowest form of backward life on the planet but they are not civilized enough to be part of any of it.

    Taqiyya that failed. This is just the tip of the iceberg, dozens more arrests will follow.

  5. Trevor Philips quote: ‘Let’s remember the most important thing about this is that these men are criminals; these children are street kids.

    What does he mean? Does he mean that working class young girls are not deserving of protection from predatory Muslim paedophiles?- Who by the way, were, and probably still are operating in major cities of the UK.

    Trevor Philips, as chairman of EHRC, should know that the working class of Britain has been brutally marginalised by Blair’s Labour government. More then any other community, the working class of Britain has suffered greviously, betrayed by the party that was supposed to protect them. Every asylum seeker, no matter how undeserving has been given priority over the indigenous working class of Britain.

    These young working class girls were therefore far more vulnerable as a consequence, and deserved even greater protection, as a further consequence, from the EHRC for a start, and from the entire political establishment.

    But will the own up to the problem they created, and then willfully and deliberately ignored for decades? Will there even be a customary “Lessons learned” moment, or will it all be brushed under the carpet?

    The EHRC, if it has any business at the moment, it must bend itself to help the most marginalised, put upon, and betrayed community in Britain – the indigenous working class.

    In the meantime, as I have no faith whatever in establishment, I pray that the Lord Almighty will help and protect these confused and vulnerable girls, for no one has so far.

  6. Most liberals/leftist think that working class people have no rights and should shut up and accept anything the criminals want to do to them. They won’t publicly admit this but they will do so privately.

  7. It’s a huge insult to the real japanese. I have great respect for them. They truly got their grips together after WWII and re-built their country to a high-tech civilisation in less than a half century! Contrary to the koranimals, the japanese haven’t been a threat to the world ever since. These piece of shit koranimals can’t build a civilisation what so ever. Their failed states wouldn’t even function at all without “guest-workers” a k a slaves. Japan should sue the british government for this insult to them.

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