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4 Replies to “Paul Weston: On Being English”

  1. Great Speech! Philip Larkin would have liked it.

    Chears for England, Brittish Freedom Party and Paul Weston!


  2. As an American, I am always surprised by hearing and reading how “fascist” and “racist” organizations like BFP and the EDL are. When they simply seem to be patriotic and proud of their national heritage and culture—and want to preserve it. I admit that I am an American “neo-jingoist”, but I am also somewhat of an Anglophile.

    Over the last 10 years, I have been disheartened by how much the English polity seemed to have shifted to the Socialist Left. So, I found myself cheering during Paul Weston’s speech—as I have also cheered at hearing EDL leadership speeches—and I am encouraged that the UK—that I also love—can still be saved from Marxist Socialism and Islamization.

  3. Holger:

    Over the next few days there should be a lot more from the EDL and Paul Weston at BF.

    Keep an eye out here and at the usual sites.

  4. I have long said that it will be the ordinary people who save Britain and Europe, it will be a hard fight but one that will in the end be won by the side of freedom.

    The reason that patriotism and the defense of our culture is being attacked is due to the fact the left knows that they can’t create their one world socialist government enslaving everyone if the West is strong.

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