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6 Replies to “Macedonian Muslims chant: “Death to Christians” and demand the release of mass murder suspects”

  1. OT but I just found that there is a documentary being released about what a complete disaster the UN has become is in dealing with human rights issues. The credits are pretty impressive. The Writer-Director-Producer was an investment banker for 13 years. Not impressive as far as filmaking goes but it shows he isn’t some crank. One of the Cinematographers worked on An Inconvenient Truth and th e Editor worked on Fog of War. Pretty heavy hitters.


  2. Truthiocity I’m afraid that the UN has been a poor joke for sometime.

    Above the Macedonian authorities should have taken the opportunity to arrest all of the mob and deported them.

  3. The UN has been a joke since the Korean War, the Soviets were boycotting the Security Counsel for some reason and we got a resolution through calling for the North to pull back or fight the world. Since then the Russians and now the Chinese make sure they are always there to veto any thing that will help freedom.

  4. Ross Lloyd and Richard. I concur and have thought as much for some time now. This movie might help put this stance more into the mainstream. I posted it here in the hopes that this site will keep track of the film and post about it and more info and news on it becomes available.

  5. It is an absolutely fantastic movie. I can tell you that. I hope it gets released soon. The world urgently needs to see it.

    That and ‘3 Billion and Counting’ I think its called. About the consequences of banning DDT on Africans.

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