British publisher preparing release of Taliban poetry anthology

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LONDON – A British publisher is preparing to release a collection of poems authored by Afghanistan’s Taliban.

Many of the works in “Poetry of the Taliban” centre around the movement’s decade-long war against NATO-led forces in Afghanistan. But others touch on themes of religion, nostalgia and love.

Editors Alex Strick van Linschoten, Felix Kuehn, and Faisal Devji said in their introduction to that they’d compiled the anthology not for its novelty value “but as a way of understanding who the Taliban are.”

The book is being published in Britain by C. Hurst & Co. Publishers Ltd. later this month. It is scheduled for release in the U.S. in September.



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8 Replies to “British publisher preparing release of Taliban poetry anthology”

  1. Here’s one that’s been translated.

    Roses are red,

    Violets are dark.

    Beat your your women all you want,

    Just don’t leave a mark.

    Durkitty Durkinson, Taliban, goat enthusiast, poet.

  2. And here’s another:

    I saw the emptiest minds of my generation destroyed by beheadings, starving
    hysterical naked, and without their heads on.

    dragging themselves through the kufar streets at dawn looking for angry
    fleas in their beards…

    Durkity Durkisnberg, Taliban, Goat fancier, poet.

  3. They think all non muzzies are as stupid as muzzies!! Thank you Truthiocity for the first poem; I understand now!! ;))

  4. Truely, the publishers must have the book signing in Kabul and other local Afghanistan towns. It would mean so much…The publishers really should go themselves so they can get the full appreciation…

  5. I think that some poems may be deliberately left out, so as not to rock the ‘Muslim sensitivity’ boat:

    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    who is the fairest of them all?
    Not you – now that you’ve got acid in your face!

    or how about this romantic little love poem:

    how I love your face so fair
    your silken thighs and raven hair
    I think I’ll make you marry me
    even though you’re only three

    and finally:

    Small boy, come and have some fun
    and then I’ll let you shoot my gun
    first just let me stroke your thighs
    and gaze into your frightened eyes
    I have a very nice gift for you
    a vest to wear that will help you too,
    to find your way to paradise
    it fits you too, you do look nice
    so wear this vest, it’s heavy I know
    and go run over there, it’s going t be a great show!

  6. I imagine a lot of the beauty will be lost in translation from the musical Muslim language to kufar grunting. That will probably be why they all seem to suck out loud.

  7. I would wager a penny to a pound (or a cent to a dollar) that this fascinating anthology does not contain their (originally Pathan) marching song which endlessly iterates the following verse:

    “There is a boy across the river with a bottom like a peach,
    Alas, I cannot swim!

    The Goat Liberation Front however is somewhat confused. It doesn’t want to be seen as racist or Islamophobic but it also doesn’t want to be denied access to the essential pleasures of Islam.

    These really are difficult times for all species.

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