Leading vet criticises ritual slaughter of animals


Halal abattoir in Oudeschoot, Netherlands Prof Reilly says if there is no alternative to non-stun slaughter, then it ought to be kept to a minimum

A leading vet has criticised the “unacceptable” rise in the number of animals killed in ritual slaughter.

Ritual slaughter is lawful in the UK and the EU to satisfy the dietary requirements of Jews and Muslims.

Prof Bill Reilly, former president of the British Veterinary Association, said estimates suggested more animals were slaughtered than was necessary.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) said its own figures showed most animals were stunned before being killed.

The FSA conducted a survey into animal welfare in slaughterhouses in September.

A spokesman said: “The results indicate that the number of animals not stunned prior to slaughter is relatively low, accounting for 3% of cattle, 10% of sheep and goats, and 4% of poultry.

“They also show that the majority of animals destined for the halal trade in both the red and white meat sectors are stunned before slaughter.”

The FSA said full details of the survey would be published ahead of a discussion at a board meeting on 22 May.

‘Not acceptable’

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6 Replies to “Leading vet criticises ritual slaughter of animals”

  1. Halal meat is being routinely served at some of Britain’s most popular sporting venues, pubs, schools and hospitals without the public’s knowledge, it has emerged.

    If you don’t like the thought of halal meat, don’t eat meat. If you do want to eat meat then I suggest you also complain about the Jewish community as they slaughter animals in exactly the same way. Kosher and Halal are virtually the same thing. But the word Kosher would not have triggered as much hatered, I suppose! From all the fervour I can only deduce that it’s got nothing to with animal welfare but a lot to do with hating Muslims!

    RESIDENTS across Harrow have vented their anger about proposals to have Halal-only menus in primary schools in the borough. Meat is meat. What does it matter how it’s killed? These stupid parents should find other things to whine about. Halal meat is more hygienically processed anyway.The newspaper revealed exclusively how Harrow Council has employed a catering company to only prepare Halal meat – to serve youngsters in Harrow. This is nothing new to my knowledge, Tower Hamlets council been doing Halal meat in schools for at least 3 years or more.
    The Halal slaughter method (along with Shechita which is the name for pretty much the same method used by Jews) is not cruel at all. When the animal’s throat is slit, it results in a massive drop in blood pressure causing pretty much instantaneous unconsciousness. As long as the cut is performed correctly the animal will feel a mere instant of pain compared to the intense suffering they can go through in abattoir’s with the “normal” slaughter method. The link that has been made between this story and Britain becoming an Islamic State is a bit extreme. The majority of British people are atheist. But it doesn’t mean we can’t try and make life easier and better for people of all faiths and cultures. All children should be offered a choice. That way Muslims can eat what they want and non-Muslims can eat what they want.

    The Muslim community has been passing through a phase of fourth Crusades. The battleground is the field of education, where the young generation will be educated properly with the Holly Quran in one hand and Sciences in other hand to serve humanity. A true Muslim is a citizen of the world, which has become a small global village. We are going to prepare our youth to achieve that objective in the long run. A true Muslim believes in Prophet Moses and the Prophet Jesus and without them one cannot be a Muslim. My suggestion is that in all state, independent and Christian based school special attention should be given to the teaching of Comparative Religion and Islam should be taught by qualified Muslim Teachers to make the children aware the closeness of Islam to Christianity and Judaism which will help them to think about Islam, as “A Pragmatic and Modern Way of Life,” during their life time. Those state schools where Muslim children are in majority may be opted out as Muslim Academies.

    Bilingual Muslim children need to learn and be well versed in Standard English to follow the National Curriculum and go for higher studies and research to serve humanity. The problem is that they learn English in the streets and in the playgrounds. British schooling does not teach English to migrant children. The teachers let them speak the same accent in the classroom. They have no courage to stop them or correct them. This is one of the main reasons why one third of children have difficulties with reading when they leave primary schools. Majority of such children are bilingual Muslims. They often speak “street” with its own grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. In other European countries and in the sub-continent argot and slang are not allowed into the classrooms. In Britain primary school teachers do not feel that it’s role to interfere with self-expression in any shape or form. They encourage children to read poems and stories written in ethnic dialects.

    There are couples of state schools in Harrow where Muslim children are in majority. In my opinion, all such schools may be opted out as Muslim Academies so that non-Muslim children could enjoy their own meals in their own schools.

  2. Iftikhar says:
    “If you don’t like the thought of halal meat, don’t eat meat.”

    Yeah I like your reasoning. I say the British should add pork and booze to all the food available in the UK and if you don’t like it, then don’t eat food! If we don’t have a right to choose what we eat, then neither do you.

  3. In western societies, on the one hand, there is (at the current stage of development we can almost say was) an evolution towards legislation, instigated through widespread public concern and support, allowing less cruelty towards animals, developing simultaneously with technological and medical progress. On the other hand, there’s the treacherous and cowardly “elites” condoning and promoting a back to basics from backwards religious ideologies. I believe in psychiatric terms, such is called “schizophrenic”. Not a very healthy state for a society to be in. Noteworthy in this respect is the fact that, so far, animal cruelty raises far more outrage and resistance in western ranks than the tidal wave of criminality, violence, parasitism and sedition that’s being set loose by the influx of these third-fourth world immigrants. Is there any perspective left for creatures who value the fate of their own species less than that of animals. I wouldn’t think so.

  4. Iftikhar:

    I took the time to read some of your postings within your website. It seems to me that you are (like so many more of your compatriots) very mixed up. You seem to want the best of both worlds. You want your own culture, language(s) and identity to be provided within the education system of Britain along with the sciences and the rest of the curriculum (with amendments to suit you).

    You say:………. “Speaking English does not promote integration into British, American and Australian societies, and broaden opportunities. English speaking Muslim youths are angry, frustrated and extremist, thanks to English language. English language is not only a lingua franca but also lingua frankensteinia.”………. Well, this is a new one on me. I never realised that the English language, taught to British born pupils in British schools would turn them into angry, frustrated extremists? It certainly did not have that effect on me.

    You also say:……..”Non-Muslim monolingual Inspectors are not in a position to inspect Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim children. OFSTED should employ bilingual Muslim inspectors for the inspection who should not only be well versed in English, Arabic, Urdu and other community languages but also in sciences and humanities Muslim girl schools should be inspected by Muslim ladies inspectors.”…….Where do we find these gifted inspectors, or is it that you want the inspectors to come exclusively from the Muslim community?

    Finally, …….”English is one of the most damaging subject, reflects secular and immoral beliefs that contradict the viewpoint of Islam.”……If all these things are so offensive to you and the Muslims in Britain why are you here? The objections you raise within your website lead me to believe you would be so much more relaxed in a country that doesn’t teach English.

  5. Arthur:

    Iftikhar is our resident purveyor of sophistry and historical revisionism. I am not certain that he is actually capable of contradicting himself if he writes more than 2 paragraphs. And he always does.

    I am reliably informed that on some sites he spams with pasted material, often the same thing over and over. If that happens he will no longer be the resident example of Islamic mastery of logical fallacies. But for now he is a one man course in kitman, taqyyia, and the use of political correctness as a weapon to advance Islam.

  6. “Kosher and Halal are virtually the same thing.”

    In the sense that Judaism and Islam are ‘virtually’ the same thing.

    “Meat is meat. What does it matter how it’s killed?”

    Did Iftikhar Ahmad just question Lah-Lah’s obsession with inflicting unnecessary suffering on the bovine and his phobia of the porcine?

    “When the animal’s throat is slit, it results in … instantaneous unconsciousness.”.

    I would accept the authority of a well sourced statement by a renowned expert in both animal husbandry and welfare.

    “Stunning an animal correctly will provide better meat quality. … When stunning is done correctly, the animal feels no pain and it becomes instantly unconscious.”.

    “Holly Quran” [Is Holly expected to cover her face? Was Nikah Mut’ah obtained?] “in one hand and Sciences in other hand to serve humanity.” [Its a cookbook! The Koran is a cookbook!]

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