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5 Replies to “Kevin Carrol: Luton, May 5 2012”

  1. Most people are terrified of public speaking yet to remain silent to the onslaught against our culture is to be part of the determined efforts to bring it down.

    One of the most important canaries in the coal mine is the homegrown assault on Christianity. I have been defending it against outrageous libels blaming Christianity for Nazism, campaigns of murder against gays and various other lies by our own secular countrymen. These deluded individuals have no idea of the harm they are doing by demonizing the one institution which is the basis which underpins our society – a bit of a paradox yet one which is lost on the Christian haters.

    Kill the mongoose and the snakes take over. The problem is – the public can see no value in the mongoose until it’s gone. The secular crowd are also beneficiaries of the value and yet are blind to it.

    So even for those of us who are not Christian zealots, it really is important that we reclaim our right to wear something as trivial as a cross-shaped piece of jewelry on a chain around our neck – if not to advance Christianity per se, then to simply preserve the very right to do so, especially when it’s perfectly fine to display true symbols of atrocity – Che Guevara t-shirts or hammer and sickle tattoos.

  2. I agree with you. In fact, I may look for one next week. I did wear a crusaders cross for some time but the chain broke and there it went. You can get them in the traditional bronze online.

  3. The assault on Christianity has been well planned, when you believe in God you are placing him above the government, the left can’t allow anyone or thing to be above the government.

    As I have said before it will be the ordinary people who save Western Civilization, the self proclaimed elite will do nothing that might upset their comfortable position.

  4. There are a lot of people who lead secular lives for various reasons, but who know their family has Christian or Jewish roots. The values they live by are Judeo-Christian, or if they want to be particular, one or the other. Same can be said of other faiths which are being targeted for extermination by islam.

    I agree that it is important to preserve the right to wear jewelry denoting a religious heritage.

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