Sweden takes gender neutrality seriously

Oh if wishes where horses, Swedes could eliminate the very real differences, psychologically and physically, between the genders of humanity. I wonder what is more pathetic. Attempting to do so, pretending it is so, or thinking all parties would be happier if indeed they succeed. Classic irrational leftism at its shiniest.


In Sweden the phrase “his and hers” isn’t just archaic or politically incorrect, it’s grammatically incorrect too. The country’s online National Encyclopedia was recently updated to include a third pronoun to accommodate the rising trend of gender neutrality in Sweden. The pronouns for “he” and “she” (in Swedish “han” and “hon”) are now joined by the genderless pronoun “hen.

But the change isn’t just linguistic. In 2010, the World Economic Forum declared Sweden the most gender-neutral country in the world, and gender neutrality is changing Swedish culture in profound ways. A children’s department store has dissolved its “girls” and “boys” sections, and a number of Swedish activists are lobbying for the right of parents to name their children across gender lines. “The idea,” writes author Nathalie Rothschild, “is that names should not be at all tied to gender, so it would be acceptable for parents to name a girl Jack or a boy Lisa.

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  1. The English language is somewhat gender-neutral as it does not make the sun masculine nor the moon feminine as the French language does; or poulations of even lower intelligence need to segregate their males and females because they infatalize each other; so the Swedes with higher IQs than most Europeans may baffle the rest of them with a new gender-neutral description when we would use the words ‘it,’ ‘they’ and ‘them’ if the gender was not relevant.

  2. This is just a tiny minority of feminazi’s and cultural marxists. However they are loud-mouths. The rest of us are either ignoring them or heckling them. Every language is different. We haven’t had any gender-neutral word until now.

    Contrary to in english we don’t have to add the prefix maternal or paternal when it comes to grandparents. We have separate words, mormor=maternal grandmother/farmor=paternal grandmother and morfar=maternal grandfather and farfar=paternal grandfather. Which is kind of comfy. Just an example on the differences.

    Another difference is that we have more really long words than you have. The rare loan words of ombudsman and smorgasbord ought to be an exellent example of this. Words that are one long word in swedish can often be divided into two words in english. However, the dividing of words have become more common the last two decades. Although grammatically wrong as it is, they in the know thinks this phenomena is an influence from the english language.

    It’s unfortunate because it changes the meanings completely. Sometimes a bit comically though. One example is “svart hårig sjuk sköterska” (black hairy sick nurse). The correct spelling should have been “svarthårig sjuksköterska” (black-haired nurse) which probably makes some more sense. Thus endeth thy lesson in swedish, for this time. 🙂

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