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3 Replies to “Geert Wilders on Glenn Beck excerpt”

  1. That’s the terrible truth that we are not allowed to hear, isn’t it. Talk about the elephant in the room, eh? Geert Wilders has done his homework and is correct in 100% of what he says. Nobody can handle the fact that Islam is simply evil and should be discouraged in every imaginable way. We owe nothing to Islam. We don’t owe it respect, or even kindness – things it has never shown any Infidel. We have been carefully indoctrinated into the fallacy of moral relativism and are put off by the idea that something could be absolutely bad or absolutely good. Well, Islam is absolutely bad and should be kept as far away as possible. We owe it nothing. God bless Geert Wilders; he is a true hero.

  2. I’ve been listening to Glenn Beck for quite some time, and the final conclusion is that the man wriggles and squirms like an eel in a bucket of snot. “I have very close and good friends who are muslim”. How is that relevant. You can’t win a war parading after people like this.

  3. Geert Wilders is correct. He is only quoting the Koran. Glenn Beck tries and is better than many. At least he let Wilders have his say.

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