Unmasking Muhammad’s Dubious Existence

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Unmasking Muhammad’s Dubious Existence

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Author Robert Spencer, founder of the major website Jihad Watch, recently published a book with the provocative title Did Muhammad Exist?: An Inquiry into Islam’s Obscure Origins.

The foreword was written by the eminent scholar Johannes J. G. (Hans) Jansen, an Arabist and a Professor of Modern Islamic Thought at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands until his retirement in 2008. Among his other accomplishments, he has translated the Koran into Dutch. Jansen points out that what sparse information and physical evidence we do have does not seem to confirm the traditional Islamic accounts of the sixth and seventh centuries.

In fact, archaeological findings contradict the traditional picture. Only further archaeological work in present-day Arabia and Greater Syria can shed more light on these issues. In Saudi Arabia, such excavations are forbidden, and Wahhabi hardliners have actively destroyed some sites. Furthermore, the religious authorities may not be interested in bringing to light findings that might contradict their religious views or undermine Saudi Arabia’s central status in Islam.

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2 Replies to “Unmasking Muhammad’s Dubious Existence”

  1. If *(m)uhammad never existed, millions upon millions of people needlessly died and suffered horribly, all for nothing in the past 1,400 years. Either way, *(i)slam is evil incarnate, and merely containing *(i)slam like we did communism isn’t enough. We cannot at present even build a consensus for containment. But if we do, it can only serve as an intermediate measure. Eventually *(i)slam must be destroyed if there is to be any hope for mankind and real, meaningful justice in this world.

    I have absolutely no hope that *(i)slam is capable of being reformed in the manner of Judaism and Christianity, because the foundation upon which it rests is rotten to the core, always has been, and as Robert Spencer points out, *(m)uhammad may be nothing more than a fairy tale from the Arabian desert.

    (Use of small caps intended for maximum offense, blasphemy, and insult)

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