Ottawa police warn women to beware of… well they won’t say.

In true Canadian politically correct fashion, Ottawa police are warning women. Just warning them nothing too specific. Apparently some male is doing high risk exhibitionism and groping at area women but the police will not release a sketch or even a rudimentary description but just warn women in general to ‘be ware’ of whatever I guess.

Now normally if they do not name a suspect it is a very safe bet he is Muslim and if they do not describe a suspect then it is a very safe bet he is non-white. In this case I suspect the suspect is a white male as this type of crime is more typical of a deranged white guy. Muslims typically have organized rape gangs etc. One gets the sense that as the public manages to pierce the code media and government uses to force the multicultural narrative on us, that they up the game of what we are not allowed to know. So my guess is, at this stage, they simply do not describe anyone no matter what sort of danger he presents to the public.

And so civilization itself continues to unravel.

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