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On March 15th the US held Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings with George Clooney among many others to discuss the new attempt at genocide, both culturally, religiously as well as racially, against the Christian and Animist South Sudanese.

I have been spending some time going over the C-SPAN footage of these hearings to the extent that time allows.

Below, a short excerpt from a longer excerpt below that. I think its laudable that the US at least allowed that short meek reference to the truth behind the motives for this relentless attack against the South Sudanese by the Arab-Muslim north, given the degree of Islamic influence in the US government today. It wasn’t much, but at least it was said.

I am working on the longer excerpt now which should appear below shortly. In any case, the motives are clearly stated for the constant horror against the Christian, black, non-Muslim south in the clip above.

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  1. Clooney is delusional. The cause of the Christians in the Sudan is worthy. But, at the same time he works to get Obama reelected? I guess Clooney missed the memo that Obama sides with the muslims always and at best is ineffectual.

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