Boston jihadi gets standing ovation on sentencing April 12 2012

This is a lot more bold and overt than I would have expected for this early stage of the jihad against the US and her values. As shocking as this is, it is the kind of misstep that may actually help wake enough of us up to begin to fight back.

H/T SDAMAT over at YouTube

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  1. Here… a few words…in a few minutes of video… this repulsive and mocking “standing ovation”…is the thunderous argument against the alleged legions of “Good Muslims”………here again, for the thousandth time is all the unequivocal evidence we need to understand that the “Good Muslim” does not exist….never has…never did…never will….

    So then…..what remains is the galvanizing of our will to commence a program of mass deportation of all muslims from North America…….

    Let me repeat that…..THE DEPORTATION OF ALL MUSLIMS……

    Regardless of positions of influence, regardless of place of birth, regardless of the family’s history of previous generations of citizens…….ALL MUSLIMS MUST GO!!!

    There are coffee shops and wine and cheese parties filled with the tediously enlightened, the grotesquely “academic”, the sneering intelligentsia….little more than a revolting collection of the dull witted and criminally liberal who know what we are facing but still they dither, still they haughtily dismiss calls for deportation as “radical”…..and yet still islam advances….still islam moves forward and slowly, bit by bit, islam chews its way into their lives, destroying their culture, destroying their heritage and destroying the very democracy they claim to hold so dear….and, vacuous and dithering, all they can do is burden themselves with a decision no more troublesome than choosing between cheddar or gouda…….

    As a nation, islam is the elephant in the room that we ignore to our considerable detriment…..and this elephant is not shy about making its presence known…….it has trampled the furniture and we ignore it… has vacated its bowels painting every wall with a fecal soup…and still we ignore it…….it has murdered and maimed us and still……ever the cowards……all we can do is, apologetically and politely, hold aside the pachyderm’s pendulous testicular sack and, peeking through its legs whilst sipping English Breakfast with pinkies extended, make inquiries of our fellows as to their opinion on the latest floral pattern rolled out by the boys at Royal Doulton…..

    We are a nation of Neroesque fools…….fiddlesome idiots quarreling over hors d’oeuvres ……..and the strains of our lunacy reminds me of a line from the poem “Locksley Hall” by Alfred Lord Tennyson…..

    “Slowly comes a hungry people, as a lion, creeping nigher,
    Glares at one that nods and winks behind a slowly-dying fire.”

    We are the sleepy ones…….drifting off as the fires of Western civilization burn down to little more than embers of sullen indifference……and I hope…in my heart of hearts…that the poets and singers of song……that the writers of tomes historical a thousand years hence, when they rise against the unbearable boot heel of islamic fascism draw us for who we really are: a nation of ungrateful treasonous cowards who let slip from our hands the toil of patriots and true citizens of what was once, the greatest country and republic in the history of Mankind…….

    Oh how richly we deserve ourselves……..and tragically….how our children do not…..

    Oh how worthy of the contempt of God himself…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. “Despite what his supporters believe he continues to remain a dangerous man.”

    But his supporters know he is a terrorist. That is why all these people in the video are supporting him. All these average all american muslims believe in killing people in order to further the supremacy of thier religion. They prove it by standing in support of a terrorist.

    I hope the police were there photographing the crowd. I hope the police are tracking the finances of his friends and relatives. Eveyone who stood in support of this terrorist is a direct threat to this country.

    Just as with Mohammad Merah, these support terrorists, when their terrorist gets taken down by the target country, attempt to use the takedown to turn him into an inspirational martyr to the cause. They turned this sentancing into a terrorist act – meant to inspire further terrorism.

    Everyone in this video supporting this filth is just such a terrorist including his bitch mom.

  3. Of course, little brown oppressed people are not responsible for their standing ovations. The West will be buggered by Islamysticists and be helpless to do anything from an official standpoint. Then one day Islam and the Muslims will suffer the same fate as the greedy Danes over the Danegeld. If the survivors are lucky they will be shipped back to a Muslim paradise to be quarantined from humanity.

  4. If any casual readers are wondering why we are taking such a caustic tone it is because complaining about oppression, as we see the druka durks doing in this vid, is one of Mohammads first jihad tactics. We know that by complaining in the way they are, these people are intentionally trying to incite others to become terrorists.

    The very first islamic “opression” was when people didn’t make Muhammad their overlord just because he claimed god told them to. The next “oppression” was when innocent villages tried to defend themselves against his psychotic raiders. He claimed oppression in order to trick people into becoming his allies against his victims. When these allies learned that he was lying about being oppressed and was really a bandit lord, they stopped assisting him, and bacame, you guessed it, yet more “oppressors”.

    Claiming oppression in order to justify jihad aggressions and bullshit people into becoming allies was one of Mohammads first military strategies.

    Whining about being oppressed is one of the original islamic military tactics.

    By complaining about unfair treatment and citing MLK and others, these fascists are intentionally trying to inspire other muslims in the Boston area to become terrorists.

    Every single supporter of this durka durk we see in this clip belongs in Guantanamo Bay, including his bitch mother.

  5. Where was this ?
    In London ? In Paris ? In Berlin, In Norway ? In Denmark ?
    In Europe this would be totally normal, the behavior of the suspect and his family.
    The msm in Europe wouldn’t show it. They are protecting it, and nurturing it.

    You understand the right wing and conservative movement in Europe right now dear American friends ?

    America, stand up, don’t let it get too far.
    Go vote this year, and vote that appeaser out, before America will become like Europe.

    For us it is way too late, stand up America, rise.
    Rise for your freedoms, for liberty against totalitarianism

  6. The ovations will wear thin when reality sets in. Let them do ovations–calls attention to themselves. There is something else at play. Let them whine. Americans don’t like whiners. Eventually Americans get sick of whining, as is already happening.

  7. This is why it think it is important for Americans (and Europeans) to admit to the wrongs that they did. Because things aren’t so black and white. they did stuff, other people did stuff. life goes on. But I think as long as we aren’t admitting to the wrongs that has happened, Muslims will try and use that as if it was something that Americans are trying to hide.

    Better to expose it all and leave them with nothing to rally about. Because really, they don’t really care that Americans (or Europeans for that matter) did anything unjust, wrong, racist, whatever. They just want to kill infidels.

  8. Also, what is considered “wrong” is a question. Not every war is wrong, for instance. And even within a good there is bad and even within a bad there is good. Basically saying that what’s done is done. things aren’t so black and white. Remorse for the wrong helps to remove the shame or secrecy of it (its also cleansing) -but it also disarms those who think they are “exposing” America.

  9. Once again, this is a perfect example of the tactics used by Isalamists to advance their stealth jihad against the western world. We keep saying that soon we will push back. Unfortunately, by then it will be too late.

  10. miriam what are we suppose to be ashamed of? Taking control of third world nations because they were attacking us? Building a society that is freer then any other in history? All being ashamed does is gives the Moslems and leftist a reason to attack us.

    I refuse to be ashamed of anything I didn’t personally do, and all other rational people think the same way.

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