Paul Weston speaks in London. April 7 2012

What a tribute to the fascists and religious fanatics that they have managed to demonize and marginalize the classically liberal, the people who within all of human history have allowed the greatest latitude for the most people. The people who in fact created, allowed and practiced tolerance and diversity, to be made into a tiny fringe group as we see below. We have lost a war to the fascists and barbarians without even knowing we were in a war in true Sun Tzu fashion, and for those who did know, have been told it is illegal to speak of it.

Frankly the British embassy at this point should be treated with the same caution and distance as North Korea or Iran. The madness and illiberalism of England however, is much more dangerous as they speak our mother tongue, and is much more likely to spread.

Thank you very much EDL Buck for filming this and working with me to make it available to us all.

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  1. I thought that I already knew a lot of things about Islam and Western Politics but this video taught me something new. This is a frightening speech of truth from Paul Weston, a new British hero in my eyes, and a man of character.
    I don’t download and keep many videos but this will be one of them.

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  3. Mr. Weston talks about the current problems relating to offending muslims but forgets one tiny detail. When muslims say they have been offended-


    IT IS A LIE.


    They aren’t thinking under a different cultural paradigm – they are thinking along our cultural paradigm- that we assume someone who says they are offended really is offended. Every single muslim who says people would be offended or something is offensive or that they are offended IS LYING OUTRIGHT AND THEY KNOW THEY ARE LYING.

    Wanting someone to change their behavior because you claim to be offended is fraud and never anything else. You are attempting to recieve something without intending to prove that it is owed to you. That is the pared down definition of fraud.

    Someone who claims they are offended and wants something in return is no morally different from a con artist.

  4. I am privileged and honored to have met Paul Weston last year in Berlin, at the Parteitag of Die Freiheit, along with Geert Wilders and Oscar Freysinger.

    He is a very courageous individual, an excellent speaker and a gentleman. I certainly hope we can get him to Australia for a speaking tour.

    If not this year, we will invite him for 2013.

  5. One who visits this blog is well aware of the slow stealthy infiltration of Sharia in our western societies. What needs to be done is to have this material broadcasted throughout the main stream media. Of course we all know that that will not happen as most of the media today is part of the problem. A sad state of affair.

  6. I can see the possibility, that in the relatively near future the US and Canada (if we manage to remain free) will be working with a British underground to free the Brits.

    No one would write a novel or comic book using this plot, it would be too unbelievable, instead we are living the plot and watching our freedom slip away.

  7. @ramjetejmar

    And even then. Today I told a young guy that apparently, we have reached a new phase: all over Brussels, men in islamic garb are popping up in the public sphere, in places where hitherto, the phenomenon was unseen and unthinkable. I told him that I spotted a man like that in the Brussels metro, who apparently, was soliciting muslims for some reason, and that I suspected he might be recruiting for some extremist muslim movement. I said that I was all for the expulsion of such elements. His reaction: “I think that’s too EXTREME. A little FREEDOM is needed.” Why fight your enemies when you’ve got friends like this. And they’re LEGION.

  8. People like them have been around forever, we can win without them but only when enough people see the truth and start ignoring the PC idiots.

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