Nothing is sacred to metal thieves

Well, my first instinct is to say that if a country lets in millions of people who hold you, your culture, your history and people at a high level of contempt, scorn and derision as a matter of faith and honour, then of course you can expect them to look at your civilization as nothing more than a target rich environment, from your trusting women, unused to the kind of savagery and barbarism that is the ideal of Islamic ‘culture’, to the resource rich symbols of civilization such as aluminum ramps for the disabled or iron manhole covers. But on sober second thought, it occurs to me that the locals as well at some point may start to think this way if, after all, their own representatives hold them in such scorn and disrespect as to deliberately destroy their own people with floods of aliens, then what is the percentage in not having a quick fix of cash just so that some train can continue to function?

Las Angeles Times:

Theft is up in Britain as commodity prices soar. Crooks are willing to haul away rails, war memorials, even church roofs.

March 27, 2012|Henry Chu
  • St. Mary's Church in Hatfield Broad Oak, England, has lost a third of its lead roof to metal thieves. “As a child, you always imagined that people didn’t steal things from churches, because as they walked out they’d be struck down by a lightning bolt from God,” said Mike Nash, the longtime treasurer of St. Mary’s.
St. Mary’s Church in Hatfield Broad Oak, England, has lost a third… (Henry Chu, Los Angeles Times)

HATFIELD BROAD OAK, ENGLAND — Naomi Wormell is a vicar, not a vigilante. But these days, she finds it hard to choose Christian charity over some swift — and terrible — retribution.

The centuries-old church she leads in this quiet English village has fallen victim to a plague sweeping across Britain. Like hungry locusts, metal thieves have repeatedly attacked St. Mary’s Church, swooping down on its roof in the dead of night and stripping away large sections of its Victorian-era lead cladding.

Six times over a four-month period, the heartsick residents of Hatfield Broad Oak awoke to discover yet another piece of their history stolen, most likely to be melted down and sold for scrap. The losses are part of the estimated $1.2 billion a year sucked out of the British economy by crooks with a voracious appetite for all things shiny.

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  1. I knew it was happening in the States by didn’t know about Europe, in my home town one old building had copper guttering, the thieves climbed up a two story building to steal it one Sunday night.

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