One wife killed, one barely alive

Now that is a headline that you used-to-not-hear-every-day once upon a time. Notice how the anglo names are in quotes. Clearly not the real names of the involved.

From The Ottawa Metro:



Ottawa police investigators collect evidence from 11 Spearman Lane in Kanata yesterday. A woman suffered severe injuries at the home on Wednesday, but as of yet, few details have been provided by police.

Ottawa police have mounted two investigations, one that ended with a Carleton Heights man being charged with first-degree murder and another in Kanata that police are saying little about.

Police charged Mihalj Nemet, 56, with first-degree murder in the Friday-morning stabbing death of his wife, Tinde Nemet, 46. Nemet was arrested at his Carleton Heights row house on Fisher Avenue, where police say the incident occurred.

Police were called to the home on Friday morning after neighbours awoke to the sound of screaming.

“We knew the police were there on Wednesday, we just didn’t know what they were doing,” said Tom Sadler, who lives across the street.

Sadler said he was shocked yesterday to read media reports that his neighbour, a woman named “Amanda,” was in hospital with a head injury, clinging to life, and that police have a man
in custody. Sadler said Amanda and her husband, “Robert,” have a young child. He said the couple in their 20s moved into the neighbourhood about two years ago.

“You would never know that something like this would happen,” Sadler said.

Police last night would say only that Det. Leanne Smith of the force’s partner assault unit is the lead investigator in the case. Smith could not be reached for comment.

Nemet appeared in court Saturday with his lawyer. He was remanded into custody until his next court appearance March 21. Before the killing, Nemet had been scheduled to appear in court this week on an assault charge.


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  1. Its worse than I thought!

    There must have been more than one graduating class from the “MOHAMMAD SHAFIA SCHOOL OF MIDDLE EASTERN MELODRAMA AND MARITAL BLISS”

    We have, at the very heart of this problem, several parties to thank for the difficulties we face; Leftists, Liberals, Muslims and the apathetic useful idiots.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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